New Firmware out for the Sony Reader Wifi

It's been just over 3 months since the Sony Reader Wifi shipped, and today it got an update. This is the second update for this ereader, and thanks to my experiences last time I don't plan to install this one.Here's the list of improvements:

Improvements over system software version •Resolves an issue where using a very short page flick to turn a page may accidentally select words and start the dictionary lookup

Improvements provided by previous software versions and included in version
•Improves touch panel functionality
•Improves stability when searching the dictionary
•Improves Internet connectivity
•Improves Digital Rights Management (DRM) contents compatibility
•Resolves an issue where the Reader is unable to download some e-book files

I cannot say that I've seen any of those bugs, but then again I have a hacked Sony Reader. I've long since stopped using Sony's software. All my reading on the Sony has been in the Kindle app and CoolReader, and I haven't had any trouble.

But if you're not inclined to hack your Sony Reader Wifi, you'll probably want to install the update. A number of owners have already tried it, and they've been posting their impressions over at MobileRead. They had experienced some of the bugs before, and some have remarked that they've been fixed.

You can find the update on the Sony website. Like the last one, it requires Windows.


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7 Comments on New Firmware out for the Sony Reader Wifi

  1. Small correction: the update can also be installed using OS X. The link can be found in the text below the ‘Important Notes’ headline.

    What’s your experience regarding CoolReader and battery life, Nate?

  2. Hi, Nate

    Do you know if it is possible to connect a keyboard to T1 using USB host?

    Thanks in advance

  3. I have been thinking about getting a sony wifi for quite a while.

    I read quite a bit of PDF’s (some Scientific) and i look for an reader that handles them well and allows for easy commenting and highlighting of the text.

    From what i heard the Sony does okay for an e reader with PDF but doesn’t excel. No e reader seams to handle PDF to well.

    Are there any apps (payed or free) that work with the rooted sony and do a good job with PDF?

    Thank you for your help!

    • Your main problems aren’t going to be with the software, but with the screen size.
      Scientific PDFs, like most pdfs, are essentially digital microfiche and meant to be printed at 8.5×11 paper. (or bigger.)
      They do not render well on 6in screens where you only have a 600×800 resolution.
      You’ll have to rely and zoom-and-pan viewing to maintain the formatting or give up n the formatting and hope reflow works.
      The only readers that do even tolerably well with academic pdfs are the big ones; Kindle DX and the Pocketbook 9xx series, and both are priced in tablet territory. At that price point, unless outdoor reading or battery life are a *must*, color would be preferable, no?

      • Thanks!

        What surprises me is that there seams to be no software doing a consistently good job reflowing PDF.

        • pdf was never intended for reflowing. Or reading, for that matter.
          It was intended as an archival medium for print documents.
          Its the roach-motel of information storage: data goes in but rarely gets out.

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