Kindle Touch Now Available Internationally

I bet you haven't noticed, but Amazon started shipping the Kindle Touch outside the US some time in the past few days. They're keeping it very low key at the moment, but my competition discovered that the product page for the Kindle Touch Wifi has been updated.

Amazon now offers country-specific info for the Kindle Touch, just like they do with the Kindle DX, K3, and K4. Curiously enough, only the Kindle Touch Wifi is showing the info, not the 3G model. The country listings include Spain, Germany, and the UK, and that raises curious question about the local Kindle Stores. I've checked the UK and Germany sites, and the Kindle Touch is still not listed.

Update: I have confirmation from my pr contact with Amazon. It's happened. They really decide to start shipping the Kindle Touch outside the US.

Absent an announcement, I'm going to assume that this might be an error. Amazon usually makes a big deal of their expansions, and this one occurred with nary a firework. I've queried Amazon and I'm waiting to hear from them. I will update with their response.




7 thoughts on “Kindle Touch Now Available Internationally

      1. Still not listed on the UK website, though. And it says that it won’t ship the Kindle Touch to the UK if you select UK from the drop down. If you still add it you get an error message on checkout after you’ve chosen a UK address.

        So, still unavailable in the UK. AFAICT.

  1. You can no longer buy the Kindle 3 Keyboard WiFi at $139 for Canada. In its place, you can now buy the Kindle Touch WiFi … for $139 for shipment to Canada.

    The entry level Kindle WiFi with a Big Button is $109.
    The Kindle 3 Keyboard 3G is still available for $189.
    The Kindle DX 3G is still available at $379.

    No Kindles with Special Offers are available for Canada. Nor is the Kindle Fire tablet.

  2. I expect they will be adding localized UI for the same languages as K4 via some software update, at some point. With any luck, such an update will also deliver the Orientation option that was left out initially.

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