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1GB Not Enough on the NookTablet? Here’s How to Fix it

One of my several complaints about the NC and NT is storage. B&N has chosen to ship the ereaders with most of the internal storage partitioned so that only the stuff you buy from B&N can go on it. You cannot even see that space, much less copy files to it. B&N is about ready to release a fix for this. Starting 12 March, you can bring your Nook Tablet into a Barnes & Noble store and have the Nookseller rearrange the partitions so less is reserved for B&N and  you can use more of it.

The new 8GB Nook Tablet doesn't have this problem, but the older larger one does. So does the Nook Color. In fact, that's why B&N has been offering this service for the Nook Color since at least September, I'm told.

Update: 2 readers are disputing whether this service can offer more user accessible space on the Nook Color. They say that it only works the other way. I don't have one to test, so I cannot comment.

But this is the first concrete proof that the Nook Tablet would get the same attention. I had gotten a hint here or there that this was coming, though.

I wonder what the statistics are for this service? My guess is that not many will make use of it. MicroSD cards are not that expensive, so I bet most people would simply get a card if they wanted more space. But as for me, I would want to recover the space squandered on B&N content that I will probably never buy.

Most of my library is stuff I bought before stripping the DRM; even what little I bought from B&N is already post-DRM. And  yes, I do have multi-GB librries of content;  my PDF collection lone is scary large (I never throw things away).


6 Comments on 1GB Not Enough on the NookTablet? Here’s How to Fix it

  1. The NC service actually does the opposite: It converts the old partitioning model (1GB apps, 5GB B&N and sideloaded content) to the new partitioning model (5GB apps and B&N content, 1 GB sideloaded contect). This was introduced because people were running out of space to install apps. And was the very good reason for the partitioning of the Nook Tablet.

    The 8GB Nook Tablet will probably prove that only 1.5GB for B&N content and apps is not a good idea.

  2. That’s not what I was told.

  3. Geert is correct. It doesn’t not allow for more user content.

  4. Thanks. I’ll correct the post.

  5. Nate, you may email me questions about the process. Also the 8Gb tablet has 4Gb for user content.

  6. The current tool B&N has will repartition the original Nook Color to have 1GB of user accessible storage space. This new one that has yet to be received will go the other way around and enable more space for a user for those who have the current models that limit 1GB for user’s.

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