Connectivity is the Top Tech Support Complaint for the iPad 2

Have you ever wondered what they biggest gripes about the Kindle Fire and iPad 2 are? At least one was a surprise to me. The tech support site FixYa has been tracking reported issues, and yesterday they released a report.They only covered the top 5 complaints for the 2 hot gadgets, and they're both surprising and expected.

The top complaint about the the KF is one-click shopping, and that's something we've been hearing since day one. But it's also an issue that has been around since the original Kindle launched 4 years ago. The Kindle Fire lets you buy video, audio, and apps with the same ease with which you used to buy ebooks. No one ever complained about 1-click ordering on the Kindle, and that makes me wonder if very many people used the on-device ebookstore. Given my experience with the ebookstore on the Kindle, I'd say probably not.

The iPad, on the other hand, got more complaints about the Wifi than any other issue. That does surprise me, but not because I don't have the problem. No, problems with Wifi is just one of the things you live with.  I don't complain about it, and in fact I don't even notice it anymore. It would be like griping about having to change the oil in my car.

And besides, Wifi used to be a much less reliable at connecting and staying connected. You don't want to know about the early days, back when you had to do more than just type in a password, when turning it off and turning it on didn't fix everything.

Top 5 Kindle Fire Problems
1. Can’t Turn Off One-Click Shopping – 30%
2. Wi-Fi Connection Issues – 25%
3. No Parental Settings – 15%
4. Touchscreen Precision – 15%
5. USB Issues – 10%

Top 5 iPad 2 Problems
1. Wi-Fi Connection Issues – 35%
2. LED Display Issues – 15%
3. Microphone Quality – 15%
4. USB Issues – 10%
5. Screen Issues – 10%



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  1. USB issues? I thought the Ipad didn’t have USB?

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