The Morning Coffee – 23 Feb 2012

Here are a few things I'm reading this morning.

  • 100 HTML puzzle games for Onyx Boox!!! (MobileRead)
  • Condé Nast Aims To Unify Tablet And Mobile Magazine Production (MocoNews)
  • E-textbooks beyond Apple’s iBooks (The WaPo)
  • Kindle For PC Update Adds Support for KF8 (eBookNewser)
  • Scraping Campus Bookstore Data in the Hunt for Cheaper Textbooks (Inside Higher Ed)
  • Update: Amazon Yanks 5,000 Kindle Titles In Fight Over Terms (PaidContent)

2 thoughts on “The Morning Coffee – 23 Feb 2012

  1. I read in today’s New York Times an article about Amazon vs. IPG and also read your link to the PaidContent article. I think the problem is pretty simple: Amazon is IPG’s friend and IPG simply needs to trust that Amazon would do nothing to harm IPG or its publishers. After all, “Amazon is my friend and will do me no harm” is the ongoing position of many ebookers, especially those who want to see all publishers wither away. My question is this: Once Amazon has squeezed the publishers and distributors dry, and once many authors have decided that they are better off self-publishing and dealing directly with Amazon, how long will it be before Amazon squeezes the authors dry? And once the authors are squeezed dry, how long will it be before Amazon starts squeezing the consumer? Contrary to ebooker belief, monopolists are not the consumer’s friends.

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