In Pursuit of the $99 Android Handheld: Philips GoGear Connect

For some time now I've been toying with the idea of a cheap small Android tablet. My goal was to find something that could stand in for the iPod Touch, and yet be open enough for me to do what I want with it, which wasn't much. All I wanted was basic media abilities, minimal web browsing, and an ebook reader.

A couple weeks back I came across what looked to be the perfect solution. Woot had a Philips media player on sale for $90. It had a 3.2" screen, 8GB Flash, Wifi, Android Market, and it even ran Android v2.3. It looked perfect.

But now that I have it in my hands I have found a problem that wasn't obvious from the photos. The Philips GoGear Connect has a simple design flaw that renders it unusable, IMO. The power button is placed in the wrong spot.

There are 3 buttons on the right edge, and near the bottom is the power button. While it might seem like a good location, it really isn't.

If I'm holding this device in my left hand, the power button is underneath my pinky, thus making it easy to accidentally press. If I'm holding it in my right hand, the power button is in the palm of my hand, which again makes it easy to press.

Have you ever considered how you hold a phone one handed? I ask because it's pretty clear that no one at Philips ever held a smartphone before. If they had then they would not have put the power button in that spot.

P.S. I know that this isn't much of  review, but I cannot use this thing so it is impossible for me to review.

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3 thoughts on “In Pursuit of the $99 Android Handheld: Philips GoGear Connect

  1. I find the complaint about the Kindle Fire power button being in a poor place interesting (similar complaint to the above device). Cannot one just rotate it so that the bottom is now the top? I do not have one to verify with….

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