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Intel to Release StudyBook Tablet This Fall

Quite a few years ago Intel launched a reference design educational laptop called the Classmate, and sources are reporting that some time this year they will follow up that design with a tablet. Digitimes is reporting that Intel plans to release the StudyBook  tablet in the second half of this year. It's going to be based on a 10" screen and run both Windows and Android on Intel Medfield chipset. I haven't posted on it before, but this is Intel's next-gen CPU design for mobile devices. It builds on the Atom CPU that Intel has been making for notebooks for some years now.

Laptop OEM ECS and China-based tablet maker Malata have gotten orders to assemble the tablet. The StoryBook is going to follow the Classmate into the educational market, but Intel also plans to sell it in retail stores (just like the Classmate) Retail is rumored to be around $300.

There's 's no word yet on what the StudyBook  will look like, but if the Classmate laptop is any indication then it Playskool will probably have a hand in the design. I have to say that I am looking forward to seeing it; most tablets are designed to have a slim and sleek appearance. It would be good to have blocky and bulky return to the market.

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