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New Nook to Have Front-Lit Screen

Yes, B&N is beating Amazon to the punch.

Late last week Techcrunch reported that the next Kindle might be getting an integrated frontlight so people can read in the dark. I never really liked the idea, but apparently Barnes &Noble does. I now have a photo of new signage that B&N stores are just beginning to get in store.

It's important to note that the new Nook isn't getting a backlit screen like that on your LCD based tablet. The Nook, like many ereaders, uses an E-ink screen and that means that you cannot have the light behind the screen. The new Nook is going to have a front light embedded over the E-ink screen and it's probably going to work much like the FlexLight concept video which I showed you back in December.

I don't have any firm details on the price or release date, but I have heard that it will be a Thursday launch. That likely means tomorrow, but it might refer to next week.

P.S. As fascinating as this story is, I have to say that I've been hearing rumors of it for a while now. My competition reported last week about this very product. He only had a rumor, but his details were surprisingly accurate.



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23 Comments on New Nook to Have Front-Lit Screen

  1. Cute. You are trying to get us to edit your old blog posts! (The link for the post from last December is a link to edit it in WP admin.)

    Just FYI! I wanted to read the post. ^_^

  2. There are TWO Nates with ebook blogs?

    Which one of you is Nate the great?

  3. The one doing this blog. Accept no substitutes.

  4. Different approaches.
    Both useful.

  5. Agreed.

  6. Personally I’ve been looking forward to this technology.

    However I do hope that the light is not of the blue or white variety, a yellowish light (like incandescent) would give a more ‘bookish’ feeling.

    Wait and see I guess.

  7. Ah, that’s a very good point. Some lights seem clinical or like staring into an overhead fluorescent fixture.

  8. Indeed.
    Given that eink already has a light gray background, the LED color might produce odd results. Presumably the light-guide layer will have a slight tint.

  9. digital reader fan // 11 April, 2012 at 4:43 pm //

    I wonder if Thursday is online purchase only or in Brick stores Thursday. I guess if they were sitting on brick stores today word would get out. It will be fun to see it.

  10. I told you a couple of weeks ago when the Nook Touch refurbs went to $69 that it meant a new Nook was on it’s way. I would think that they will announce it and then it will be in stores in a few weeks so that they can get preorders in for it. That’s their usual MO except with the Nook Tablet 8 gig.

  11. If stores have signs to install, wouldn’t that mean it’ll appear sooner?

  12. YES! Tomorrow, I said.

  13. Then fix yer frikkin post!! “That likely means tomorrow, but it might refer to next week.”

  14. The signs would be to advertise them. I would be very surprised to see one in a store tomorrow.

  15. Well, this is exciting news to me! I use my Nook Touch and love it, saving the rest of my electronic gizmo appetite for my uber Android smartphone. I once rooted my Nook Touch but restored it because I like it just as a book reader. Ever since I saw news about flexlight I’ve thought, “THAT would be a nice addition to the Nook Touch.” Wow, sometimes hopes do come true! I can’t wait to see it. I too agree, though, about the light color mentioned above. The newest nook clip-on light uses an “incandescent” look and it’s much nicer than the bluish white of many LED lights. Will be interesting to see how this looks.

  16. SaltatorMortis // 12 April, 2012 at 4:05 am //

    i hope it comes with an firmware update…
    1. browser
    2. android mode(installable app)
    3. landscape
    4. improved partialrefresh

  17. The nook refurbs are back up to $79 on the ebay B&N shop.

  18. Now mentioned on B&N’s website.
    $139 Pre-order for May 1.

  19. digital reader fan // 12 April, 2012 at 5:26 pm //

    Darn right Nate and source scooped the internet. Good job!

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