Polaroid’s New Android 4.0 ICS Tablet is Now in Stores (And in my Hands)

Last weekend I posted a review of one of Polaroid's 7" tablets, the PMID701C, and today I have my hands on the next model, the PMID701I.

I happened across this tablet at BigLots this morning where it was selling for $99, the same price as the earlier model. I wasn't expecting to see it there, and I had been planning to get a different tablet. But due to an overwhelming itch of curiosity, I got it.

I have both tablets on my desk at the moment and I cannot tell the difference without turning them on. Aside from the small detail of the firmware (earlier model runs Android 2.3 while the later model runs Android  4.0), they are literally identical. That being the case, I'm not sure at the moment that I will follow through with a review of the later model; I believe it will work just as well as its predecessor.

But there is at least one other important point which I can answer. Last weekend I posted instructions on how to add Android Market to the PMID701C, the previous model (same hardware but running Android 2.3 Gingerbread).  Today I can confirm that those instructions work with the later model as well. I have installed Kindle, Aldiko, and Angry Birds from the Android Market. They work.

This is an important detail because I was pretty sure it wouldn't work. I thought the different firmwares would be a stumbling block but I was wrong.

Update: But after using it for half an hour I think I do see a difference in performance. Angry Birds is considerably more laggy on the later tablet, which runs Android 4.0. That might be a good reason to get the earlier model.

Even so, this is very good news because I now have a tablet running the latest generation of Android plus Android Market. For a $99 tablet this is a very nice deal.


  • 7" capacitive touchscreen (800x480)
  • Android v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 1GHZ CPU
  • 4GB Flash, microSD card
  • Wifi
  • speaker/mike
  • g-sensor
  • TTS
  • Video out (but no cables provided)

53 thoughts on “Polaroid’s New Android 4.0 ICS Tablet is Now in Stores (And in my Hands)

  1. That’s a pretty positive review for a budget ICS tablet. How do you think it might do as a toddler-tablet? Mine is a little too interested in my Transformer, among other things, so I’ve been looking for a cheap alternative.

  2. I have yet to own a tablet/phone that required a hack to install the Android market, or used a custom ROM, be able to install any of the Oxford dictionary apps that I purchased from the market. It is a pisser

  3. Nate, do you know of the cheapest “decent” tablet that comes with Google Play included? By decent I mean capacitive multitouch and more than four hours of battery life.

    I know that Samsung has priced the Tab 2 7.0 at $250, so other brands probably have gone much lower, right?

  4. how can I free up the internal memory space by deleting apps already installed on the tablet. I bought this today based on your excellent reviews of this tablet. Thank you.

    1. You can delete apps from the app menu under settings.

      But I’m not sure it’s worth it. The space reserved for the apps cannot be used to store other files. And the existing apps don’t take up all that much of the space reserved for them.

      1. Thanks, I thought I could use that space to store other files. So I’ll need a micro sd card to put more music and movie files on it. Again thank you for the advice.

      1. I just wanted to sat thank you for helping us slower at technology with the google play install! I ASSumed that if it was running ics that google play would be on it and as a gift for my ten year old on christmas and no apps to install was not a fun day! followed your directions and five minutes later one happy daughter! thanks again! PETER

  5. Nate, I’m looking for a cheap tablet that I can use with students at school. It needs to be able to run Flash apps and also some kind of productivity software, for word processing and presentations. What would you recommend? Please remember, it must be cheap….and yet function.

  6. Have you had any luck getting Adobe Flash installed and working on the “I” model?

    I would like to be able to watch Hulu on it.


  7. You should really point out that the screen is cheapy PLASTIC, not Glass, certainly not Gorilla Glass! This screen point, only 512MB RAM, only 4GB Mem, no camera and no HDMI or USB 2.0, this is no bargain for $100, let alone $129 or $149.

  8. Would you let me know (if you can) why when I go to facebook on the tablet it shows differently than what I see on the web on my computer. Facebook launches on the tabglet okay it just shows older post on the home page not the most recent like on the website from my computer.


  9. Hello Nate,
    I have this tabet,it’s pretty nice to be a budget tablet,hoping to buy a nicer tablet in the future.I have a question maybe you can answer for me.Can you use a external mic on this tablet,such as a cell phone headset with mic.would like better mic quality since the internal mic is not very good.Hope to hear from you soon

  10. Hello Nate,
    Thank you for replying to me,have enjoyed reading your website.hoping to learn more about android .

  11. Hello Nate, I have a question ,I would like to have adobe flash player,not having Google play where can I get it.studying on how to root this tablet still..hope to hear from you soon.

  12. I noticed in your review for the IdolPad you mentioned stress testing it with large old scanned .pdfs. Does this one fair any better? I’m looking to get a low-end tablet/reader mainly for some 700-800 page scanned .pdfs that are ~50kbs (some work files I’d like to have easy access to read). I could always chop them up into smaller files, but the less of that I need to do, the better.

    Originally I was just going to get a low-end Kindle, but if I can spend a few extra bucks and get App functionality for doing other things as well, it may be worth it.

    1. I’m not completely sure, but I would expect most of the budget tablets to choke on large scanned PDFs. TBH, after the first couple choked I stopped testing,

      If you’ll give me until this weekend I’ll pull out all the budget tablets I have and test them.

      1. That sounds fantastic to me. I wasn’t even considering tablets originally (just the Kindle e-reader) but when I saw Big Lots had this on sale it seemed worth consideration.

  13. Can anyone help-my daughter is 11 and would like to get a Kindle Fire or Nook, to read on and also download apps/play games on and watch movies on. She is saving her money to get one. I saw the Polaroid ANdroid for $90 at Biglots. It says it has a nook app and she can play games, etc. Would this be just as nice as the nook, or kindle fire and serve its purpose well for a 11 year old?

  14. I’m considering on getting this tablet. However, I want to make sure that it has the things that I’m looking for.
    USB port
    Addtional memory storage
    download pictures
    Also capibility to download kindle reader

    Can you help me with this decision? Big lots will have it on sale starting Sunday for 89.00 and before I buy, I want to make sure this is the right tablet for me.

    1. No Bluetooth. It has a mini-usb port but does not come with a host adapter, so you’ll have to shell out a few bucks if you want to connect a peripheral to it. It does have a micro-sd slot. Not sure what you mean by ‘download pictures’. It can use the Kindle reader.

  15. Hello Nate ,
    I have a question,can you tell me what Adobe Flash player this tablet uses,since i can not access Google play…I have tried Adobe flash 11.2 from freewarelovers and it install’s but still doesn’t support flash.are thier any other options

    1. I have Flash Player 11.1 on mine. I didn’t install in myself, though. I was installed as part of a script I ran to add the Play store and remove the phone services to improve battery life. The script was made for an Iview tablet, but should work on any Allwinner tablet. You can get it here (Its the “Super Script Version 5b, you’ll need the ADB drivers also.):


  16. You can go back to GB if you dont like ICS. It is more laggy. The roms for both GB and ICS are on the manufacturers wesite. EXACT SAME PROCEDURE.

  17. I am wondering if this is good for gaming? I am considering getting 1 for each of my kids (ages 3 – 9) and they love Angry Birds, Where’s my Water and Minecraft. Also, is the WiFi connection pretty good? One more, are there parental controls so we can control how much they spend on downloads? Thanks!

  18. Can you load ePub books and also can you use overdrive.com to load books on the Polaroid Android? Also, what is available for games like video poker. Thx for your help…my 81 yr old mother wants to read and play games.

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