Google Tablet Not Coming in July

The rumor mongers at Digitimes woke up from an opium dream this morning with a new prediction. According to their supply chain sources, Google will ship their new Android tablet in a couple months.They're reporting that it was developed in partnership with Asus, who isn't talking. But according to one of Digitimes's better sources, Sue the Snitch, Google's planning to ship an initial order of 600 thousand of the 7" tablets in June so it can be on retail shelves by July. Digititmes' current best estimate is that Google will ship over 2 million tablets this year. Unfortunately, they cannot be more exact with their figures; someone dropped and broke the magic 8 ball.

Folks, please pardon me for the heckling but this morning I looked over the past predictions from Digitimes. It's not just that they've been wrong some of the time; their accuracy is so low that they might as be one of the nutcases that said Judgement day was coming last year.  Heck, they're wrong so much that I would have a higher success rate if a reversed all their predictions.

Yes, Google probably has a tablet coming; rumors are coming from too many directions for it to be otherwise. But that doesn't mean that Digitimes got this rumor right.

6 thoughts on “Google Tablet Not Coming in July

  1. Nice jab at those morons at DigiTimes. For the life of me I can’t understand why everyone keeps giving them credibility when they are continually wrong. There are already at least 100 articles from other tech sites parroting this unsubstantiated rumor once again. I guess their theory is if churn out enough rumors one is bound to be right sooner or later.

  2. I expect to see DigiTimes being sold at the supermarket check-out aisle, right along side those magazines that make claims like BatBoy is Elvis Presley’s illegitimate love child.
    Craziness sells, apparently. Even in the tech world.

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