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A Brief Review of the Polaroid PMID 702C Android Tablet

Polaroid seems to be trying to start a tablet of the month club. The reason I say that is they keep releasing new tablets, all of them cheap and all of them launched with little fanfare.

The PMID702C, which I found last weekend at BigLots for $90, is no exception to the quip. It's another sub-$100 7" Android tablet, and like its predecessor the PMID701i it's running the latest version of Android on a 1GHz CPU.

But unlike its predecessors, this tablet also comes with a VGA webcam in addition to the graphics chip, g-sensor, 4GB Flash storage, microSD card slot, Wifi, capacitive touchscreen, and a single speaker.


The PMID702c has a much less blocky design than Polaroid's earlier models. It's thinner and has a slightly curved back. It's also lacking the home, menu, and back buttons (which this version of Android no longer requires). All the buttons and ports are along the one short edge (headphone jack, microSD card slot, USB, volume buttons, power buttons). The one button you see on the face acts as the home button, and the camera is centered above the screen.

Appearances aside, this pretty much is the same tablet as Polaroid's previous models.  The only real difference I can see between this tablet and the PMID701i is the VGA webcam. It's frankly not any good, so I don't see it as a reason to recommend the later model.


This tablet ships with the same broad set of apps as on previous Polaroid tablets, so you should be good to go with just about anything you want to do, right out of the box. It doesn't have an app store, but there is a link to make it easy to install the Amazon Appstore. I did so, and after I logged into my account I installed the Kindle app. It works.

I also installed Angry Birds Space, and performance and load time was good. The tablet was reasonably responsive (no lag) and didn't misinterpret any of my presses.  Youtube worked without a hitch, and other owners have reported that Adobe Flash installed just fine.

But not all apps worked. For example, Netflix installed but I couldn't log in to my account.  I suspect that is because of the added security this app requires.

Android Market

As good as the Amazon Appstore sometimes is, I have come to rely on some apps that Google won't release elsewhere like Google Reader, Gmail, and so on. So I did what I always do with a new tablet, try to take over the world. I pulled up my usual instructions for an easy Android Market install and gave it a go.

The process went without a hitch nor even a hiccup. I have Android Market installed, and I got the paid copy of Aldiko as well as the Google apps I need. All the apps installed just fine.

You can find the instructions here.


I didn't get a chance to test this app on a trip, which is my preferred method to stress the battery life. But I did note that battery life on standby was measured in several days, which is fairly good for a budget Android tablet. I would estimate the battery life to last around 5 hours with Wifi on and steady use.

Opinion (One Week In)

I'm going to have to agree with the early adopters who have already posted in the comments. This tablet isfunctions well for its price and has decent build quality. This is a very nice device and I feel it's an excellent value for the price. So long as you don't expect more than a basic tablet, this one should do you well.


  • 7" screen (800x480)
  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • 1GHz CPU w\ graphics chip
  • Android 4.0 ICS
  • 4GB Flash storage
  • microSD card slot
  • speaker/mike
  • VGA webcam
  • Wifi
  • g-sensor
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96 Comments on A Brief Review of the Polaroid PMID 702C Android Tablet

  1. Just picked it up at Big Lots for $89 through in a 8gb micro SD card for $8. Everything seems to works pretty well. I agree the camera is pretty basic compared to some of the amazing smartphone cameras I’ve witnessed recently, but what do you expect. I also loaded up the google app store as well as amazon’s. I downloaded flash 11 from the google app store without any problem. I’ve had an android 2.3 smartphone for over a year but I couldn’t wait to get my hands on an android 4.0 system. For $89 this turns out to have been a no-brainer. I dig it!

  2. Just curious if there is any cheap way to add GPS to this tablet.

  3. I also just bought the PMID702c at Big Lots yesterday…my first tablet. This may sound like a dumb question, but since i’m completely new to ANY smartphone/tablet/apps…how do i “log out” of my amazon account so my kids won’t be able to download any more apps from the amazon appstore onto this tablet? from the tablet, i went to the amazon website ( and “logged out”(?) of my account, or so i thought, but we’re still able to download apps (free and/or paid ones)…help! is there a way “disconnect” my amazon account from the tablet once it’s been “linked up”? Thanks!!!

  4. You could delete the credit card that is listed with your Amazon account. It’s a nuisance, but it would do the job.

  5. I scrolled to the bottom of the page and their was a sign out link to click on

  6. how do i download flash 11? I cant even get vidcos to play on youtube. I just returned the PMID701i tablet to get the PMID702c tablet because of the camera. I have downloaded many apps so far, I think this was a good investment.

  7. This is probably a very stupid question. I just bought this tablet this weekend as well, and so far I love it. My only question is this: Since the camera is forward facing, how on earth do you take pictures with it except to turn it around towards what you want to take a picture of and then since theirs no viewfinder, how do you see what you are trying to take a picture of? I must be missing something, b/c I don’t get it beyond that. Please reply! Thank you!

  8. Front facing cameras are usually used for video chat. I dunno, maybe get a mirror lol.

  9. Hi,
    I bought the 702c on Friday and was able to set up the Android Market and download a bunch of apps (when I followed the steps I found here) but when I went to the pre-loaded amazon appstore and tried to download apps the downloads started and then a message came up saying I have to add a credit card to the account and to “click here,” which I did. Up came my usual account I’ve had with amazon for years, complete with my credit card info. I signed in and tried to download apps again (as that message had said to do) but the the same thing happened over and over again. What am I doing wrong?

  10. I have the same problem! Hulu won’t play without Flash player but when I try anything on Google apps it tells me I haven’t accessed it thru the white shopping bag icon. I don’t have that icon. Just android apps icon. I installed amazon apps store and it doesnt have any versions of flash? Meanwhile everything I want is on google (which I’m logged into) but wont allow downloads of apps. A review I watched on youtube said the 702C IS NOT compatible with google apps so you have to use amazon but you (Andrew) said you downloaded Google apps. I’m new to tablets but I’ve seen several others who can’t download from google? Any suggestions from anyone out there? Bueller? any help is appreciated and thanks! Other than that, this is a nice $89 tablet I got yesterday from big lots. How do I get google apps downloaded and working so I can install Flash player? Thanks :)

  11. Thank you! I bought this tablet on Sunday, also at Big Lots. The instructions to download the market was perfect and I was able to download flash. Worth the money and provides what my 10-year-old wanted to do since I refuse to buy him an iPad. The camera is not good, but we have other devices for taking pictures. I was having problems dowloading with the Amazon app, also.

  12. Did you ever get the Amazon app to download? I bought another tablet with similar specs and a $10 higher price (justified by a slightly better camera 1.3 MP vs 0.3MP, 8GB of internal memory vs 4GB, and an HDMI input) to compare the two tablets. I had the same problem on the second tablet when I tried to download the Amazon app. So obviously the problem is with me, not the tablet.

    On both tablets I was able to download a Kindle app (we own a Kindle as well) with no problem from the Android Market.

  13. You should beat the kids if they download stuff on your account.. Don’t blame the tablet!

  14. Holly Golightly // 15 June, 2012 at 6:47 pm //

    Paul Algier – Suggest warning kids the rules are no downloads, free or paid, without my direct supervision. Avoids unwanted bloatware and unexpected charges…………and prevent future ‘beating’.

    My tablet, my rules – advance warning. Also sign out of Amazon in case piece is lost to nefarious strangers.

  15. Did you turn on one-click ordering in your amazon account?

  16. I love this tablet it is quite amazing! I am a pretty savvy android user and this tablet far exceeds expectations. It runs gta III better than my flagship (though an old Verizon flagship) 4g Droid charge does. This tablet was worth 89.99 I would have payed kindle fire prices in fact for this type of performance. The capacitive screen is far more responsive than the resistive screen on my leader impression ( returned- that thing sucked) and it is a nice surprise on a $90 tab. Whatever company made this under Polaroids name hit it out of the water and I am sure if Polaroid were still around they’d be happy to have this represent them. My only complaint is that its design is cheap but that’s not a big deal. With no frills CPU I can over clock this to 1.2 ghz and it is fast af. I Eben like this better than my I pad (pics is awesome I wish my charge had it).

  17. Yes, I did, but I put my home number into it, as I don’t use my cell phone except for emergencies, as it costs me 25 cents a minute or part of a minute to use it. Isn’t that what I was supposed to do?

  18. This unit does appear to have a microphone as I recorded a video of myself and it picked up my testing 123. Not sure where as I see no sign of it.

  19. Nope, no mike.

    It kinda makes you wonder about the value of the webcam, doesn’t it?

  20. I DOES have voice recording capasbility if you use a headset with a built in mike. I just did it so Skype will work It justs gets better…

  21. I have a Pandigital Star. CanI get the Android Market on it bt using the same instructions?

  22. I cant down load my mobi books. I have a bunch on my laptop..i didnt buy them from amazon. it let me download then to a file but i cant open them. it tries to open then on,ofice suite i can make it stop doing that, dont know shows up as jibberish..i downloaded kindel for showed my books for 5 seconds then they were gone any help.Please
    Thank you

  23. It does have a microphone. I’ve not found it yet, but am guessing it is in the reset pinhole (like a Nextbook), or even worse, by the speakers.

    I found this out by simply using a VOIP app. I was able to converse using it, so I proved that there was mic somewhere in the unit. I suggest you revise your description, unless maybe you first want to do this check yourself. It is also possible that there are variant versions of this device, some with, and some without mics.

  24. I just looked over mine and I cannot see where they hid a microphone. It’s also not listed on the packaging or in the manual, which points out everything from the speaker to the card slot.

    But I can confirm your assessment. The camera app records video – and sound. Clearly there’s a mike.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  25. You have to set up the account through the settings in the app store not where it says click here. I had the same problem. Just use your regular account that you have with amazon but do it through the app settings.

  26. Hi,

    Anyone knows how to make the 702C act as host USB (for keyboard etc.)?

  27. Hi so I was thinking about getting this tablet my olny question is do u have to pay monthly to use it like a cell phone if you already have a router or no

  28. There’s no monthly charge.

  29. I bought a Polaroid about two weeks ago and I still can’t get my email set up and not able to download books or games. I have had help to and no one can get it set up. If I could get some help I would appreciate it.. I am about ready to take it back to the store.
    Thanks, Nancy Jones

  30. Have you set the time and date? That’s the only thing I can think of.

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