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How to Add Android Market to Polaroid PMID702C

There are many many budget tablets on the market,  all with about the same specs and performance. Given that there's not much to distinguish them (other than appearance), about the only way to choose among them is whether you can install Android Market and how well a tablet can run the apps you need.

This particular  tablet just arrived on the market this week, and as part of my plan to install Android Market on all my tablet I immediately tried my usual easy to follow instructions for installing Android Market. They worked.

Note that this isn't  a set of instructions on how to hack the tablet; I'm only interested in achieving a certain minimum level of ability with the least work required.

Like the numerous other tablets I have hacked, installing Android Market was a straightforward process. All I did was repeat the steps listed in this post. It didn't go quite the same way but the process achieved the goal.

  1. Download this ZIP file to your computer.
  2. Open the Zip file to your computer and copy the contents to a folder on your Polaroid tablet via a USB cable. Then unplug your tablet.
  3. Once you've done that, open the file manager on your tablet and go to the folder where you put the files. Try to install the following apps in this order (double click on the files in order to run them):
  • OneTimeInitializer-signed.apk
  • SetupWizard.apk
  • vending-3.1.3-signed.apk

As a 4th step you might want to press the home button, select the checkmark which says "open always with", and then select Launcher. This will guarantee that whenever you press the home button you will see the home screen and not be prompted with a menu.

Update: Does your tablet run Android 4.0 or above? Are you feeling lucky? Then you might want to try to install the file labeled "JB Play Store". This is a later version of the Play Store.  It only runs on Android 4.0 and above, and it doesn't always work, but if you can successfully install it you will have a complete version of Google Play.

I have Aldiko and the Google Apps installed and they work fine. Note that I don't have the Google videos working on the tablet and I have no way to test it due to the simple fact that I don't buy my videos via Google Play.

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287 Comments on How to Add Android Market to Polaroid PMID702C

  1. There are 5 different .APK files in that .zip. Should I use all of them, or just the three you listed?

  2. Just the 3 listed. I use the same ZIP for a number of different devices. Some require a 4th APK, and I have the 5th one in there because that’s how I received it. It might be useful one day, so I left it in.

  3. Works great! Thanks!

  4. WOW! Thank you for your posting on how to get Google Play to work on my new Polaroid reader. It works great, just like you said it would.

  5. It works!!!! Thanks a lot :)

  6. Just downloaded the android market for my new polaroid pmid702c. Works great, thanks!

  7. Thanks so much for your instructions. We were ready to return my son’s Polaroid Android 4.0 tablet, but these files allowed us to use googleplay and we were able to get flashplayer finally also. Now we’re much happier!

  8. Your instructions worked beautifullyfor the Android Market apps but how did you load apps from the Amazon appstore app? When I try to load one, this is what happens: I touch the “appstore” icon on the list of pre-loaded apps.
    Up comes a list of a bunch of apps.
    I touch one that I’d like to download (e.g. Angry Birds for free).
    The app comes up with a description and a Free button.
    I touch the “Free” button.
    The button changes to “Get App.”
    I touch the Get App button.
    The download starts but immediately I get a message saying, “There was an error purchasing Angry Birds Free. Please click here to add a credit card to your account (this will open your browser) and try again.”
    So I click on the “here” and it opens my account I’ve had with for years.
    I sign in there.
    Then I try to download the app but it doesn’t do it. I just end up with the same error message.
    I’ve tried this sequence numerous times. What am I doing wrong? Is the appstore app not loaded? If so, how do I load it?

  9. Laura, hit the skip signing in button (n the lower left side)when setting up the amazon store to get to the free apps or conversely you have to have a credit card attached or an amazon gift card atached to your amazon account if you wish to purchase apps from them.

  10. David Laraway // 14 June, 2012 at 2:15 am //

    Check to see if your Amazon Account has the “one-click purchase” turned on and your credit card is set as the payment source for that. You need that set that way to get the apps (free or otherwise) from the Amazon App Store.

  11. Locked myself out of my Polaroid 702c how do I get past the lock code??

  12. Hello!

    You must reflash your tablet with the factory-installed software to recover from this condition. Since face recognition is supported on this tablet, using that feature is a good way to avoid this in the future.

    THIS TIME, they have the firmware on their website for people to do this:

    Download and install per their instructions, and you should be fine.

    73 DE N4RPS

  13. if you have an account w amazon its no problem. they use your “on file” method of payment to charge you if you buy a paid app. easy peasy…no checkout hassles!

  14. this is awesome! you do have to have a gmail acct and make sure sync is on. now i have all the apps in the world in my hand!!! and try wallpaper wizardii for NO CROP wallpapers!!!! if i could only make a phone call on my 702C tab………maybe next year!!!

  15. SWEET! Worked first try as advertised. THANK YOU!

  16. what version of android market is in zip file ?

  17. Thanks a heap

  18. I also used the instructions to get the market app. It seemed to work fine at first. Now my home key does not work,also the pattern lock I used at startup doesnt work.any help would be appreciated. do i need to reset? if so will I lose my new apps?Also its my Polaroid pmi702c.

  19. Simple, easy and done!


  20. it keeps telling me to log in but i’ve already logged in! i don’t know how to get past this so i can download apps!

  21. how can i get apps that need to get paid it keep kicking me out evrytime i try toget one..

    thank you in advance

  22. Hi,

    I followed your instructions on adding Google Play to my Polaroid Tablet. Mine is a PMID703C however. Worked fine however I kept getting the pop up everytme I pushed the home button. I no longer get the pop up asking which app to use when pressing the home button, but the home button doesn’t bring up the Home screen anymore. Is it possible the wrong app got selected as default? Any ideas on how I can fix this? Thanks!

  23. Can this be done on a Kindle Fire?

  24. Does the Polaroid tablet play full length movies, such as Toy Story, toy Story 3?!? If it does WHETE & HOW?!? PLEASE HELP?!?

  25. You are such a life saver! I bought my son a Polaroid PMID702C which does not support Google Play, which I have on all of my devices. I thought I may have made a mistake in buying it because it wanted me to dl from Amazon, of which I am not too fond. I did a search and found your site. The directions were straightforward and easy to understand and implement! Thank you so much!

  26. Download Google Play Movies & TV.

  27. Process for installing Google Play worked like a champ! Now my son has all the games I have on my Droid X — and they all work swimmingly! Getting this little gem of a tablet was the best $60 I’ve ever spent!!

    And your advice on installing Google Play completed the picture. Thanks again!

  28. Thank you very much, I was really frustrated with this tablet. Your awesome!

  29. This also works on the PMID703C. I only had to use the three apps listed, neither one of the additional apk’s was needed.

    The OS thinks that one of them is a launcher, so it will ask you what you want to do when you press the home key after you do the install. Choose the other “launcher” and check the “do not ask me again” option so you only have to do it once.

    Thanks to the OP for the post and files.

  30. Just recently bought a polaroid mini tablet from Big Lots, and was wondering if I could get google play on it. Your instructions were really simple and I had it all set up in under 10 min. Much thanks!

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