76% of US Libraries Lend eBooks

The American Library Association has just released the results of their annual survey today, and aside from budgets being cut while responsibilities are increased, things are looking good.

More libraries were lending ebooks and audiobooks last fall than the year before (76% vs 67%), and a significantly larger number of respondents said they were lending ereaders as well (39% vs 28%). The survey also showed an increase in the number of libraries that offered free Wifi, internet access, and technical training for patrons trying to use all the technology.

The statistics are drawn from the ALA annual survey, which is conducted on October of each year. The results o the October 2011 survey were just released today - 8 months later. What can I say, that's how the ALA rolls.

You can find more information at the link below, but to be honest I'm only interested in the ebook stats. I'm surprised to see them up and the same goes for the ereader lending stats. 2011 was a tumultuous year for libraries, what with HarperCollins deciding to limit checkouts to only 26 per copy.

Methinks this is a sign that libraries are going to get into ebooks no matter what the major publishers do. The news of Penguin pulling their ebooks out of libraries and Random House quadrupling their prices will probably hardly even effect the next survey.


image by Robby van Moor

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