New Sony Reader Shows Up at FCC

It looks like my fears that Sony was getting out of ereaders were unfounded; a new Sony Reader appeared on the FCC website Sunday.

That image at right shows the backside of the new PRS-T2 ereader, an that image is about all I have to show you. Everything else is either permanently concealed or won't be revealed to the public until 29 September.

But the backside does tell us a lot. It's the same general shape  as the current Sony Reader Wifi and it even has the same proportions and an identical microSD card slot. We also know from the test sheet that it will have Wifi but not Bluetooth or 3G (like the PRS-G1 in Japan).

Arguably this means we're looking at another 6" Sony Reader, but that's about all I can say at this point.



16 thoughts on “New Sony Reader Shows Up at FCC

    1. Who else provides the user a selection of Oxford and Collins dictionaries with their eReaders, that allow translation between languages?

  1. While some will certainly miss 3G and Bluetooth, the important question is:
    – will it glow in the dark ? :-)

    Also it could use a newer, faster e-Ink-Display with higher resolution (like the one in the Onyx i62HD). Oh and a new OS like ICS or Jelly Bean…

  2. If we’re going to speculate, I’d start by pointing out the announcement is imminent: the thing was submitted to thee FCC in mid-May. Typically it takes 3 months from submission to introduction so the T2 should arrive by mid-August. Sony usually announces about a month ahead of schedule, so… PR release some time in the next two weeks?

    As to the hardware, except for the beige color, the case looks identical to the T1 so the hardware should very similar. Best hope is for more Android storage space and an open configuration so hacking won’t be needed. At least some epub3 support. Improved bookshelf.

    Sony sales volume is low enough they *might* get by with the plastic substrate screens from LG which would be a good fit for the casing as the T1 definitely flexes a bit more than comfortable (though I haven’t heard of too many cracked screens). 20% likelihood. XGA screen? 40% likelihood, I think; they’d have to jack up RAM and the CPU but since the Sony is decent enough on PDF it might add some real value.

    Color? Not impossible but I woudn’t bet on it. 5% chance?

    Front lighting is about 90% certain though it will be interesting to see where Sony gets the tech and how impact resistant it turns out to be.

    I’m generally happy with my T1 so springing for a T2 is unlikely unless it ships unlocked with enough space for the latest Kindle for Android and other apps.

    US Pricing is going to be tricky for Sony, unless they go for an XGA screen; say $139 maximum without it.
    If they do all of the above (Flexscreen, XGA, front light, open Android) it would sell at $149. Not sure if they would try for $169 and keep the T1 around.
    Without any of them, $99 list would be a fit as a T1 replacement.

    I never thought they’d quit–Sony has plenty of other zombie product lines–but the real interesting question is how much of a fight do they have left in them. I suspect the T2 is more likely to be a warmed-over cost-reduced T1 (maybe with front lighting) than any kind of game changer. But I still want to see it. :)

    1. “the thing was submitted to thee FCC in mid-May. ”

      I’m not sure that’s correct. The testing may have been done in mid-May but the paperwork wasn’t submitted until this week. I’ve seen docs submitted 6 months or more after testing, so I’m not sure that’s relevant.

      1. Well, Sonys for the past few years have dropped around 3 months after testing.
        Fair enough?
        With the new Kindles due this month according to the last rumors, Sony wouldn’t want to show up much later than that. If anything you would think they have something besides the T2 to show off. (New Android mediapads?)

        1. If you haven’t noticed, the T1s are going out of stock. Best Buy and Target have both closed them out. I bought a T1 from Target in May for around $79.

  3. I hope they don’t quit. They are still the only ones who actually let Calibre use my series and genre entries to auto-organize my books. It would be a nightmare if I had to sit on an e-reader and do all that sorting manually one book at a time.

  4. I think screen refreshing will be fast. because refreshing is a big problem in sony T1 against nook simple touch

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