New Kindle Fire Reportedly Being Assembled

Take this for what you will, but the Chinese language edition of the China Daily newspaper is reporting that the new Kindle Fire is working its way through the factory.According to their unattributed source, the KF2 is being assembled by Quanta (Amazon's manufacturing partner for the current Kindle Fire). Amazon's placed an initial order for 2 million units, and they're due to ship to Amazon on 7 August.

So is it true? Well, if the new Kindle Fire really is going to be launched at the end of this month, like rumors have suggested, then the new device would be on the assembly line right now. And it would leave the factory early next month so it could be in the hands of consumers a few weeks later.

But is this one true? I don't know, and I decline to speculate.

Do you know what I want to see? I'm looking forward to the day when the Kindle Fire hype is as active as iPad and iPhone hype. Remember how the new iPhone and iPad parts leaked  months before the new devices shipped? That's what I want to see before I get excited about Kindle Fire rumors.

Is the new Kindle Fire going to be 8.9", 7" or 10"? I don't know, and that's the other reason I wish parts were leaking. It would remove all doubt that the device existed.

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4 Comments on New Kindle Fire Reportedly Being Assembled

  1. I think that the google nexus 7 is more exciting than the fire 2. I think that the fire screwed alot of stuff up.

  2. no memory card slot on the nexus either – so that’s screwed too – or at least i can ignore it just like the fire

  3. I guess we’ll all find out in 3+ weeks. I wish something more would be leaked.

  4. I hate the super thin bezel on the fire. I found the nook, while not as sleek, easier to hold. I hope they improve this with KF2.

    Nexus looks really nice but I already have an iPad and KF1. Not doing a 3rd ecosystem to get locked into.

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