Next Galaxy Note Smartphone to Have 10″ Screen

Do you know that sensation of feeling like you're holding a tablet to your face while making a call on the Galaxy Note? It's going to get worse. Apparently Samsung has decided that the 5.3" screen on their crazy-large and crazy-popular Galaxy Note smartphone is too small. Later this month they plan to release a 10" device based on the same design philosophy.

Okay, I'm clearly joking, but my humor is drawn from the fact that Samsung still describes the Galaxy Note as a smartphone, even though there's a 10" tablet on the way.

We don't have complete details on it yet, but the Galaxy Note 10.1 is reportedly running on a quad-core Exynos CPU with 2GB of RAM, Wifi, optional 3g, and there's going to be an LTE version later this year. It probably also has Bluetooth and cameras, thought Samsung hasn't confirmed the details yet.

Update: Engadget posted a jpeg of the spec sheet. This tablet is running Android ICS on  a 1.4GHz CPU. It does have a pair of cameras (1.9MP and 5MP) as well as USB host, GPS, a microSD card slot, and more.

This tablet is getting a lot of attention today based on a demo video posted to Youtube.  If it can even do half of what Samsung put in this video then I will definitely buy it (hang the cost).

I especially like how you can have multiple apps open in windows; that's something that Android has needed since the first tablet it shipped on. And don't get me started on how the user dragged stuff around the browser window; I almost wept.

If this tablet works out as well as I hope there's a good chance that it might kill off the last vestige of interest in dual screen devices. The Galaxy Note 10.1 could fulfill the original goal of the Entourage Edge and do it better, too. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but the note-taking abilities shown in the video are almost embarrassingly better than that of the Edge. Of course, Samsung did have a few years to polish the code, so we shouldn't be surprised the Galaxy Note 10.1 is better.

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9 Comments on Next Galaxy Note Smartphone to Have 10″ Screen

  1. If this actually works as well as it appears to in the video then it might finally be the good notetaking tablet I have wanted since 2001. Now if only the laws regarding laboratory notebooks and patents would be updated to reflect the existence of computers.

  2. I’m really interested in this. I’ve been waiting for a pen tablet. Love my iPad, but I’d love it even more if it had a pen.

    Not to doubt Samsung, but they tend to push things out as fast as possible, forget about it while they move on to the next version. Most of whats in the video is simulated. I also found out that it doesn’t work with any two apps, only select apps. That could change later, but don’t plan on firing up Google earth and Ezpdf side by side.

    Last thing is the screen. iPad one’s display made my eyes bleed on text. While this is an upgrade to that, its not a great upgrade. I’m worried I’ll take one look at text and send it back. What are you guys thought on it.

    Maybe I’m to much a Diva, but I like and have always liked good screens.

  3. I love my pen-enabled tablet and had I the money, I’d most certainly buy this one as soon as I was able (somewhere this week). But €479 is a bit too much at this point in time for me.

  4. You are slipping, Nate. You didn’t even mention the textbooks provided by Kno!

    That quad-core Exynos is going to be killer for PDFs. I can’t wait to fondle it and throw some big Google Books PDFs at it.

    And that dual screen thing — I keep wondering if I could have PalmOS (via StyleTap) on one side and an Android app on the other.

    Also, wait til the XDA folks get their hands on this.

    And, how fast can all this be baked into Open webOS?

  5. If you observe the demo carefully, it is just an animation. The “hand” that appears to be manipulating objects on the screen is another animated graphics. So this is NOT an actual user touching an actual device and being filmed doing so.

    When I can touch the real device and confirm that everything works as smoothly (and intuitively!) as this video tries to suggest, then I might get excited.

    I have been looking at tablets and smartphones and playing with borrowed units and I have been underwhelmed by actual usage. It looks nice how you can browse a bunch of pictures or zoom something, but when you want to actually USE that thing for something meaningful, the picture isn’t nearly as rosy. I am often very frustrated when trying to accomplish something on a very small touch screen. Even browsing the net is much more comfortable on a big screen.

  6. Nate, you can have multiple open windows on any Android device.

    There are more than a few “floating windows” apps available in the Google Play Store (Overskreen [floating browser], LilyPad HD [IM client], AirCalc [calculator], …). On top of that, at least a few apps (Plume and Google+, IIRC) present a floating window on a tablet when you invoke them on a tablet.

    It looks like Samsung has done a good job of putting together a coherent, useful set of floating apps (some, like the floating video player, re-used from the SGS3, I think) and they deserve credit for that (I’ve very tempted by the Note 10.1 even though it isn’t shipping with Jelly Bean and despite Samsung’s poor track record on updates), but let’s not overstate what they’ve done here.

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