Curtis KLU 8029 8″ Android Tablet Now in Stores

I was running errands today when I happened to stop by my local BigLots store and find an 8" Android tablet from the Canadian gadget maker Curtis. It's an 8" model which i hadn't seen before, but from what I've found online it appears to have launched back in January.

The KLU 8029 looks to be a stock design from the Chinese chipmaker Rockchip, and it's running Android 2.3 on an RK2918 1.2GHz CPU. It has 512MB RAM, 4GB Flash storage, microSD card slot, a VGA webcam, USB Host, speaker/mike, and a g-sensor. The screen resolution is what I've come to expect from an 8" tablet (800x600), and the touchscreen is capacitive.

I found it priced at $120, making it a direct competitor with the many sub-$100 7" Android tablets that I've reviewed these past 6 months. And like those tablets, the build quality is adequate for the price. The camera is junk, of course.

This looks to be a design from last year, but I suppose you could have told that from the OS.  It still has the volume buttons on the upper edge, and next to them are menu and back buttons. Those last 2 are passe in the Android tablet market now, but they do still show up on older designs.

It ships with the usual apps (email, browser, file manager, etc) but it also comes with a surprise. You cannot see it in the app menu, but this tablet comes with Android Market as part of the original firmware. I found it by adding a widget for the AM to my Home screen and then clicking on the widget. I set up an account and downloaded apps. It then offered to upgrade itself to Google Play, which I was happy to accept.

I've only just gotten my hands on it, so I cannot make any pronouncements, but so far I haven't found a reason to return it. I'm planning to post a review next weekend.



  • RK2918 1.2GHz CPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • Screen resolution: 800x600
  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • 4GB Flash storage, microSD card slot
  • VGA webcam
  • USB Host
  • speaker/mike
  • g-sensor

19 thoughts on “Curtis KLU 8029 8″ Android Tablet Now in Stores

    1. LOL..

      120, is kind of a lot now that Nook Color is coming down in price. What do you plan to do with it Nate, besides the review? I know you have better tablets.

  1. @NATE
    I’ve recently got my hands on one @ biglots also. Not the greastest, but still working with it!
    Maybe you can tell me, I haven’t been able to find the photo button to add pics to the gallery, did you?

  2. I have bought the 7in screen tablet and had to return it 3 times . I bought it for only 69.99 , so I guess it was a cheap one . But anyway the CPU in the 7in is outdated by 5 years and can not handle multi apps. Why don’t they recall them

  3. You get what you pay for, sad but true, if it is a cheap price Most of the time in electronics then you will know it is a “cheap” product.

  4. bought a Klu 7″ 1.2ghz mb 512mb ddr3 ram 4.1jelly bean was bought I feb.2014 by april it just stop working I cant get it to come on. didn’t get wet or didn’t drop it, in the middle of me playing a game it stopped what do I DO ABOUT THIS? HOW DO I CONACT THEM TO SEE IF THEIRS A WARRANTY? CAN THEY CONACT ME 225-221-8612

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