Amazon to Hold a Press Conference on 6 September

Do you recall how I said there was a new KF and Kindle coming this fall (FCC paperwork)? Amazon is probably going to announce them 2 weeks from today.

I just got the invite, and the press conference will be held in Santa Monica this time around.  Amazon is breaking with their past habit of scheduling launches in NYC. I'm still thinking about going, but if I do I expect to see that 10" Kindle Fire, a new Kindle, and the new dock for the Kindle Fire. That last item is going to work with the larger KF, I think.

The new location suggests other possibilities, like a greater emphasis on the media abilities of the KF. That would fit well with the new dock.

8 thoughts on “Amazon to Hold a Press Conference on 6 September

  1. For some reason, I have the feeling they’ll have a little something else to show.
    A PDA sized tablet, maybe the Phone, or a set-top box…

      1. Or the Samsung Galaxy Player.
        Or the increasingly popular 5in android phones.
        Or a dirt-cheap color 5in LCD Kindle.

        I’m not loking to start a rumor or anything, but I just have a feeling that Amazon is “up to something”: Amazon has been talking about doing more gadgets and looking at the landscape there is room for several “hit them where they ain’t” possibilities.

          1. Well, they started one already…
            (And a gaing studio.)
            …but I could see them buying Columbia Pictures from Sony. 😉

  2. two things a newer kindle ereader with a newer interface that is made for two things reading and audiobook heck with apps, the other is KF 2 with a camera

    Before anyone blast me why does a kindle eink reader need games and applications when KF that is apps driven needs to be the primary store for apps

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