The Morning Coffee – 28 August 2012

Here are a few stories to read this morning.

  • DOJ says: Apple's objections to the e-book price-fixing settlement are rotten to the core (Legal Minimum)
  • iBookstore introduces welcome support options for publishers (Macworld)
  • NASA taps Apple to build next Mars lander (Scoopertino)
  • Trad. vs Indie, a Personal View - Encore (Indies Unlimited)
  • About Nate Hoffelder (10611 Articles)
    Nate Hoffelder is the founder and editor of The Digital Reader:"I've been into reading ebooks since forever, but I only got my first ereader in July 2007. Everything quickly spiraled out of control from there. Before I started this blog in January 2010 I covered ebooks, ebook readers, and digital publishing for about 2 years as a part of MobileRead Forums. It's a great community, and being a member is a joy. But I thought I could make something out of how I covered the news for MobileRead, so I started this blog."

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    1. Nate, thanks for the link to The Bookscore article. This is my kind of review site, although I am sorry to see that it appears not to do its own reviews (or collect reviews of) self-published indie author ebooks. I like that it brings together reviews published in respected print book reviews, such as the New York Times Book Review, the London Book Review, and The New York Review of Books. However, as I have complained frequently to The New York Review of Books (to which I am a longtime subscriber), these review sources need to expand to include reviews of indie authored ebooks.

      One thing that is not clear to me, but then I didn’t spend a great deal of time at The Bookscore — yet, is how it determines the score to assign a review. At least it gives links to the original reviews so I can read them myself and draw my own conclusion.

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