Amazon Kindle Fire Event 2012 Liveblog

Welcome to my third liveblog. Tech, space, and time permitting, I plan to cover the unveiling of the new Kindle, Kindle Fire, and possibly even the Kindle smartphone as it happens. When the actual liveblogging starts (and assuming it works), you'll see updates below the body of this post but above the comments left by readers. You might need to refresh the page to see the updates.

Final - It's now 12:32 local, and I'm waiting for my cab to the airport. I just wanted to share my first impressions. In a single day, in a single hour, Amazon just cut B&N, Kobo, Samsung, Google, and Apple off at the knees. Impressive, that.

But I'm not sure Apple will be all that upset once everyone does the math on the Kindle Fire HD's data plan. It's 3GB for $50 spread over a year. The iPad 4G data plan is $20 for a single GB in a single month. That's not much more expensive.

11:53 - 4g LTE model includes 250MB a month data plan, $50 a yer.

11:51 - 4g LTE Kindle Fire HD model will cost $499.

11:49 we want to make money when people use our devices, not when they buy our devices.

11:47 - Jeff now affirming Amazon uses the KF as a portal - real money is in content sales.

11:44 - Kindle Fire HD to cost (7", 16GB)$199, Ships 14 September. 8.9" model to ship in November, costs $299 with 16GB.

11:43 - Now showing  KF HD TV spot.

11:39 - New KF will also have in game offers for physical sales - tie-ins.

11:36 - New KF will include recommendations for movies, hand all content now.

11:35 X-Ray for movies - thanks to content drawn from IMDB.

11:33 Kindle Free Time  demo.

11:31 Those leaked KF images on The Verge are real. Also introducing Kindle Free time - Amazon's new way for parents to manage kids access to the KF.

11:30 - OLD NEWS - Introducing Whispersync for games.

11:27 - Immersion Reading - Amazon has merged the audio book and ebook. Buy both and reading location in one will be tracked as listening location in other.

11:26 Introducing Whispersync for voice.

11:25 - New KF has 16GB of storage as well as faster Wifi thanks to Mimo.

11:20 - MIMO <- google it!

11:18 - New KF offering new wireless connectivityon 5GHz band, 2 antennas.

11:17 - Runs on TI Omaps4 CPU. Dual speakers - one on either side of back. Also  has Dolby digital sound.

11: 15 Larger KF measures 8.9" screen - 1920 resolution.

11:14 Now showing the Kindle Fire Hd - 7" 4:3 - and a new larger Kindle Fire.

11:12 -  Now talking Kindle Fire. 22% of tablet sales in US. Getting hardware update and new price - $160.

11:08 Now introducing Kindle Serials. Techcrunch broke this story last night.Will cost $2  - 1 payment for all installments. 8 titles to start.

11:07 3.5 million Kindle singles sold.

11:05 Watching KDP author endorsements.

11:03 - Now talking about KDP. 27 of top 100  ebooks on Kindle come via KDP.

11:01 Showed new Kindle Paperwhite commercial.

11:01 - K4 gets a price cut to $69 and firmware update.

11:00 - Free 3g, Priced $120 & $180, ships 1 October.

10:58 - 8 weeks battery life.

10:56 - Now talking about "Time to read" - new estimate of how long it takes to finish chapter and book. Frontlight has more settings than on the Nook Glow.

10:55 - This is the same device we saw in the leaks, all right.

10:53: Now talking about the Kindle Paperwhite - capacitive touchscreen, frontlight, HD screen, and pretty much everything we expected.

10:49 - Customer testimonials video.

10:48 - Now talking old news about Prime content.

10:47 -  Customers don't want any of the 2 dozen Android tablets launched last year because they want services, not gadgets - says Jeff.

10:45 - He's now talking about a thank you letter he got from an Amazon Prime member,

10:43 - Jeff  is on stage.

10:42 - And finally it  begins. They're turning down the music,  and that leaked commercial is now playing.

Update 1o: 35 -Still waiting.

Update 1o: 31 -Still waiting.

Update 10:26 - Still waiting for this to start and still waiting for the network issues to resolve.

Update 10:21 - Okay, I don't think this will work long. The local Wifi went down fast and now my Virgin Mobile 3G card is having trouble with network congestion.

Update 10:17 - It looks like the plugin has been causing the access issues that has been plaguing my blog all morning. So I'm going to have to go old school and do the time stamp manually.

Right now it's 5:30am local time, and Amazon's event is still 5 hours away. I'm starting early because I want to cover a few details which i didn't get a chance to post yesterday. There was also a lot of stuff breaking in what was for me the middle of the night, and I want to pull them all into one place.

For example, Engadget reported that the new Kindle Fire showed up in the logs for an app developer. The log indicated that the KF2 was running Android 4.0.3. They didn't get any details on the CPU or other specs, but I don't doubt this rumor is true. It simply makes too much sense, and what's more back before the Kindle Fire launched last year I suggested this could happen. TBH I didn't think it would work but clearly I was wrong.

Thanks to the leaked commercial and the FCC filings I uncovered I am far more certain we'll see at least 1 new Kindle Fire and a new Kindle Touch. Well, 2 Kindle Touch devices, but the main difference will be one has 3g.The new Kindle Touch will almost certainly be the Kindle Paperwhite which leaked last week. Right now I'm expecting it to have a front light and the HD E-ink screen, and that's largely due to the fact that Kobo just unveiled a similar model mere hours ago. I don't see Amazon being a step behind Kobo, do you?

Note that I'm not sure if we'll see one or 2 Kindle Fire today; it looks like a couple models with different screen geometries were used in the commercial, but that could just be the poor image quality.  But this could mean the set of leaked Kindle Fire images which The Verge posted last week could be real. I don't know.

In other news, The Verge is insisting that we'll see a smartphone today. In spite of my prediction a couple weeks ago, I'm not so sure. It might happen but it also might not happen.

And we might also see the Firedock for the Kindle Fire, but at this point I'm the only one who is keeping track.

P.S. If there's a leak I missed, please point it out in the comments.

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15 Comments on Amazon Kindle Fire Event 2012 Liveblog

  1. you already took back your prediction on the smartphone.

  2. I know it’s just a wishful thinking but dual screen e-ink/lcd Kindle Fire would be a dreams come true for me…

    1% chances of this happening is probably too generous…

  3. The kindle commercial was “leaked” by NBC during a primetime NFL game.

  4. Now I will state the obvious: their ereader will have a 1024×768. display. the Kobo has it so. the kindle must too. Feel free to cross-reference. this with. my. prediction.

  5. Other then Borrowing books, I am wondering what compelling motivation Amazon can give for buying a Kindle Fire.. It use to to access Prime movies and borrowing.. everything else you could do from a Android or Apple Tablet. Now, They have added Prime movies App to iOS, I have one less reason to go with a forked Android tablet, and their app store tends to be, as much as, a year behind on App updates.

    I’m left now with just Book Borrowing, which is hardly worth the cost of a tablet just to save the 3 to 5 bucks a month on the one book I might borrow for the month.

    • Many of us loathe ITunes, so Apple is out of the question. Price and feauture set would be a compelling reason, although I am waiting for a 99 dollar refurb that I can root and replace the os.

    • If I was an Amazon fanboy, I’d say it was for the privilege and pure joy of owning the latest and greatest next new thing from Amazon!!

      Oh wait, I am an Amazon fanboy… 🙂

      • I’m a loyal Amazon customer also, but it still doesn’t change the fact that I have an iPad and a Galaxy Note 10.1, not to mention my original Kindle Fire. I’m just wondering what they could offer to make one want to go with their tablet over say the Nexus 7.

        Plus, if iOS got Prime movies, more than likely, it will be coming to Android also, so were left again with borrowing books as the only feature the other tablets don’t have.

        • Price point, I guess, would be the only reason then. I guess I’m also different in that I don’t really want a “full” tablet. It just doesn’t suit my needs or preferences.

  6. The big deal to me is that according to the kobo specs, the e-ink screen is plastic and durable. Goodbye good riddance to the glass substrate.

    Probably enough to get me to justify buying a reader I have no need for that’s missing paging buttons.

  7. Is it an XGA panel? How good is the contrast and the pdf handling? I need to replace my kindle 3,only if the pdf reading is good. Nate please if you’ll get your hands on the new kindle tell us how it handles pdf articles and text book

  8. I heard it was supposed to start 5 minutes ago but there would be 1/2 hour of “pre-game” show before the actual announcement. I have CNBC on and they are blathering about homebuilding and other nonsense. No Amazon stuff yet. I’ll just stay tuned in here.

  9. Do the updates get auto -tweeted? Might be easier for me to follow you on Twit. I mean Tweet. Twitter.

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