Anyone Try the Update for the Kindle 4 Yet?

Lost amid the many new gadgets unveiled by Amazon on Thursday was a new firmware update for the Kindle 4.

Amazon's cheapest  and most basic Kindle was re-released on Thursday with a new lower price, a new black shell, and new features. There are also early reports on MobileRead about improvements to the screen, but I'm putting that down to quirks in the manufacturing process (Amazon didn't mention it , at least) and the effect of the black bezel.

Update: Apparently the firmware update was simply more misdirection from Amazon et al. The new and old K4 are running on the June update.

The K4 also got a new firmware update and which does indeed work on the gray shelled K4 which was released last fall. The update adds new font support as well as faster page turns. Amazon is also listing KF8 support as a new feature, but the K4 got that in the June update.

This is reassuring; after finding out that there was a new black Kindle 4 I wasn't completely sure if that was a new device or not.  Thanks to the update Amazon posted I would say apparently not.

So has anyone tried it? I'm still in the process of charging my K4 so I can install the update, so I don't have any first hand information. What do you think?

Oh, and you can get it here:


9 thoughts on “Anyone Try the Update for the Kindle 4 Yet?

  1. All they promised on that was darker fonts after ‘fine-tuning’ and faster page turns (also tuning per relative attention to speed vs density of ink, it’s been said).

    1. You’re right, and that would explain why my device had the update already when I tried to install it. But in my defense I checked over at MobileRead and some users said it was new.

      Well, this is embarrassing. It looks like I got snookered by Jeff. But on the upside the changes were even smaller than I thought.

      1. On the other hand, it was when a number of us cautioned people to set a parental control password before updating since one or two people had difficulties accessing areas after the upgrade. They haven’t updated since but the problem has definitely lessened, so I guess it was something they were able to fix on the backend.

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