Amazon Explains How the Kindle Paperwhite Screen Works (Hint: Leprechauns)

Amazon posted the following Youtube video a couple days ago and it has been picked up by all the major tech blogs. Surprisingly, not very many people have sen the video, and I seriously doubt even most of the bloggers who wrote about it have seen it all the way through.I've just seen it myself, and I'm shocked that no one has reported this video to PETA, or if they did know then I'm shocked that they haven't protested the manufacturing process described therein.

Do you know why the Kindle Paperwhite screen is so white? It's because Amazon uses the skin of the unicorn as the screen material. It's not the E-ink screen we always assumed; no, Amazon is killing an endangered animal to make these screens.

What's even worse is their labor practices. Amazon has been trapping and enslaving Leprechauns. Apparently they are the only ones with the magical skills needed to bridge the mythical- technological divide.

I am so glad that I still have time to cancel my order. The wrath of the Daoine Sidhe is a terror to behold.

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  1. You captured my interest in a very delightful way. I love unicorns and leprechauns and anything mysterious or magical. Thanks for a great article. It is cute.

  2. Unicorns? Well that explains Amazon’s supply issues for sure!

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