Nexus 7 32GB Accidentally Confirmed in Japan

While everyone pretty much expected Google to offer a new version of the Nexus 7 Android tablet with more storage, I doubt that anybody believed the new device would show up this quickly.

One new Japanese Nexus 7 owner just got his tablet, only it was not quite what he expected. He had ordered the 16GB model, but somehow the warehouse managed to ship him the new, not-yet-announced 32GB model instead.

I'm still not completely sure this is real, but I've been reading his tweets and it looks like this could be legit. @oppese even tweeted a photo, which you can see at right.

It also looks like this tablet had been stuck in a box labeled for the 16GB model, which could explain how it slipped through the system. It's a pity that this guy got the wrong box; had it been labeled correctly we could have used those details to dig through Google and the various retailer websites and hopefully turn up something useful like the retail price, actual release date, and so on.

Still, this leak at least tells us that the new tablet is going to be available soon. It's already coming off the assembly line and being boxed up; that puts the official launch not more than a couple weeks away. And that means the Nexus 7 32GB could be revealed just in time to be rendered inadequate by the new iPad Mini.


via @oppese

3 thoughts on “Nexus 7 32GB Accidentally Confirmed in Japan

  1. >>>that puts the official launch not more than a couple weeks away

    I’d say they have until TOMORROW to announce that sucker for pre-order. If Apple sends out the Mini invite Wednesday — day after tomorrow — as rumored, this won’t even be a blip on the tech press radar.

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