A Hack is in the Works for the Sony Reader PRS-T2

Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about the hacker who had turned the Sony Reader T1 into an Android tablet but wasn't interested in doing the same to the T2? It look like I got a little ahead of myself.

The hacking has been progressing in fits and starts, but as you can see in the photo above the goal of freeing up the Android OS running underneath the Sony Reader might be within reach. How we got to this point, now that is an interesting tale.

First, in order to get the hackers interested in the new Sony Reader we took up a collection over at MobileRead so we could pool funds and buy porkupan a T2. But this turned out to not be all that useful because he soon learned that the Sony Reader T2 has a signed bootloader, and from what i can tell that is either beyond his abilities to bypass or more effort than he was interested in making.

But while Porkupan was discouraged, other hackers were not. One industrious hacker by the name of Garyn ripped the back off of his T2 and built from scratch an interface which would let him copy the firmware off of his T2. This was his setup:

Yes, that was as much work as it looks. Thank you, Garyn.

So the work is in progress to develop a hack, but from what I have been told it is not yet ready for the end user. But it should be coming, and once it gets here we should be able to install almost any Android apps we like.

I still have my T2 sitting on a shelf, and as soon as I get a copy of the hack I will install it and tell you what I think.

via MobileRead

3 thoughts on “A Hack is in the Works for the Sony Reader PRS-T2

  1. Wow, ben waiting for this
    But sad, that al other readers have hd, lit screens now…

    Wish boox i62, had evernote or instapaper!

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