Onyx is Working on an E-ink Smartphone (video)

Remember how last month E-ink showed off a smartphone prototype and promised that someone was working on the idea? I just found one.

Charbax is in China at the moment and he got his hands on the latest product from the Chinese ereader maker Onyx.  This is a straight smartphone design, not the dual sided demo unit which we saw a while back. But it is also a working unit with Wifi, 3g, and it runs Android. The prototype doesn't have a name yet, so right now Onyx is calling it the E-ink phone.

I'm not sure what size the screen is, but it looks to me like this is the 4.3" screen found on the Trekstor Pyrus Mini. But I can tell you that the screen is flexible, the touchscreen is capacitive, and the battery life is expected to be 1 month.

The smartphone shown below is the very first prototype, and this video s the first time it's been seen in public. No official release date has been set but Onyx plans to officially launch it some time next year.

11 thoughts on “Onyx is Working on an E-ink Smartphone (video)

  1. I like it and because I use my cell phone to make phone calls and not watch movies or play games, would consider buying an eInk phone — but I think it is bound to fail in the marketplace unless it is very, very inexpensive to buy because it isn’t color and it is too slow for the gamers.

  2. How about an e-ink case/cover that would display the DateTime and power level updated each minute? I would buy that in an instance.

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