QuietThyme Cloud eBook Manager Now in Beta

Cloud storage is a hot tech topic right now, with all of the major tech companies offering their own solution,  so it comes as no surprise that a new service has launched which is focused entirely on ebooks. (Actually, the only surprise here is that this didn't happen sooner. If there already is a competing service, please feel free to name it in the comments.)I was just reading over on MobileRead about a new start up called QuietThyme. They've just come out of the shadows and are looking for beta users.

QuietThyme is a cross between your average cloud storage provider and the Calibre2OPDS trick which you can use to create your own web based ebook server (more on this in another post). It supports many of the features of calibre and other library apps, including the ability to search, sort, and edit the title, author, description, and other metadata of the ebooks you have uploaded.

Right now you can only upload Epub ebooks, but that will be expanded to include Mobi and MSReader fairly soon (what, no PDF?).  The ebooks of course have to be either DRM-free or already configured for your device; QuietThyme is not responsible for the DRM. While the service is in beta it is free and you are limited to only 30 ebooks per account. Prices for the paid service and limitations on the free service will be announced in mid- November.

So what's the value? Well, I'm still looking at the features offered, so I cannot speak for QuietThyme.

But one reason you might want to use the Calibre2OPDS trick is to have easy access to your ebooks from anywhere. I especially like Calibre2OPDS because of how it can integrate with certain ebook apps. The OPDS standard is supported by apps including Stanza, Moon+ Reader, and more. It's an RSS-like data stream that lets you sort through and download ebooks with a minimum of hassle. If you've ever downloaded ebooks from inside Stanza or another app then you have very likely used this standard without realizing it.

Quiet Thyme

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  1. Hi Nate,

    Thanks for the great post introducing QuietThyme. We’ve had a great time working on it, and so far intial feedback of our beta users has been pretty positive. Just in response to your 4 More Cool Tricks for Calibre post (http://the-digital-reader.com/2012/10/16/4-more-cool-tricks-for-calibre/) we promise that we’re really trying not to be annoyware. The goal behind QuietThyme is to provide a ‘freemium’ solution for casual ebook readers, while giving them the opportunity to upgrade as their library grew.

    I completely agree that Dropbox+Calibre+Calibre2OPDS is a great alternative. That combo was what acutally gave us the idea for QuietThyme. Having used Calibre2OPDS for a few years, I found myself looking for ways to make the process simpler and more automated. Partially for myself but also because my friends and family had seen how easy it was for me to access my library from anywhere, and they were interested in setting something up for themselves.

    The only issue I ever found with Calibre+Calibre2OPDS was that it was a bit complicated. There were a few too many settings to ensure that my parents or my non-technical friends would remember exactly what to do. Anytime you added or updated a book, you would have to rerun Calibre2OPDS to ensure that your OPDS catalog was correctly synced with your new books. It also required you to extra software on your computer, and while thats not exactly a problem, it meant that you couldn’t really update your library on the go.

    QuietThyme was built from the ground up with the belief that while ebook readers become more complicated and powerful, managing your ebooks should be just as simple as adding another book to your bookshelf.

    Thanks again,

    Jason Kulatunga

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