Samsung Now Running Airport Ad Campaign – Get a Free eBook for Your Galaxy SIII

I'm in San Francisco this week for the Books in Browsers conference (Thursday, Friday), and I noticed while traveling today that Samsung is making a big push to get travelers to use the NFC features on their Samsung Galaxy smartphone.I flew Virgin America (yech) from Dulles to SF Int'l, and one thing that was hard to miss was the many, many, signs which Samsung was renting in both airports. There were at least 6 or 7 different signs (including the ones which offered a free song), but they all pretty much looked like this:

You can click on the image to zoom in, but what you're basically looking at is a life size image of a person holding a Samsung smartphone. The sign invites you to get a free ebook (or song) by touching your Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone to the one shown on the sign.

I'm not completely conversant on the technical details, but as I understand it this late model Samsung Galaxy smartphone is equipped with a particular type of near field communications.  You've probably heard about NFC in relation to being able to pay for stuff simply by waving a smartphone at an NFC scanner, but in this case Samsung is promoting their phone's ability to share content via NFC.

You may have seen one of the commercials, like this one. (At the end of that commercial you see the several SIII owners share a photo just by tapping the phones together.) The idea is pretty clever, and it just goes to show that as much as I might bash Samsung for their tablets, someone there can come up with an original idea.

This is definitely a trick which I would like to see ereaders adopt; it would be fun to share either the Nook and Kindle lendable ebooks simply by tapping 2 ereaders together, and I could also see some other practical uses (book clubs, ebook sales at cons, etc).

And given that the CEO of B&N has said that future Nook devices will get NFC chips, it seems more than likely that the Nook might get some feature similar to toe one shown in the video above. The again, Bill Lynch was thinking that NFC would be used in B&N stores to buy stuff, so perhaps they're not thinking far enough outside the box.

Has anyone seen these signs and gotten the ebook? I'd like to know what ebook they gave away.

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  1. I checked the one at either SFO or LAX and they were giving away Getaway Car from Byliner.

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