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Kindle Fire HD to Get Update Which Enables Kid-Friendly FreeTime Features

There's been no sign of this update either on the Amazon website or on my Kindle Fire HD, but The Next Web is reporting that Amazon is rolling out an update for the KF HD. This is supposed to be the update which adds the new parental control features. FreeTime was initially promised at the Kindle Fire HD launch event and then about a month ago Amazon promised it would be coming as an update.

Kindle FreeTime allows parents to select the content that a kid can see and lock the tablet with a password. Parents can set daily screen time limits, and limit access to content for each child.

It looks like that update is arriving today. It's supposed to be rolled out to your Kindle Fire HD, though I am still running the older firmware. When it is available you should also be able to find it on the Amazon website.

This update might also include away for you to turn off the recommendations, another much desired feature which Amazon promised was coming. But I'm still waiting to get it so I can't say for sure what is included.


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