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The Morning Coffee – 7 December 2012

Here are a few items to read this morning.

  • FutureBook Retrospect: Converting Freegans to Paygans & More (Publishing Perspectives)
  • KDP Select: Is it worth it? (6 Takeaways From My Experience) (Self Publishing Team)
  • Kobo Playing to Win International Ebook Wars (Forbes)
  • A Side Note About Agents (DWS)
  • Study Links Multiple Media Usage To Depression And Anxiety (ReadWrite)
  • Theory of the E-book (The Scholarly Kitchen)
  • Welcome to My Rare and Antiquarian eBook Shop (McSweeney’s)
  • 2 Comments on The Morning Coffee – 7 December 2012

    1. Hi Nate. I’m seeing a reference to in my KDP reports this morning. Have you heard anything about the opening of a Canadian Kindle Store?

    2. That’s the first I had heard of it.

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