Target Annoints Tolstoy as an “Emerging Author”

As any self-published author can tell you, it's hard to get the attention of readers when you're just one author among many. That is why I am glad that booksellers like Target keep an eye out for new talent and take time to make sure their  customers notice the new authors. Towit, Leo Tolstoy.

This author was born in 1828 in the Russian Empire. He was relatively unknown until Target selected him as an emerging author, and had written only a few classic novels and short stories which had only been translated into dozens of languages. Before Target selected him as an emerging author, he had influenced hardly anyone besides Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, and other peaceful activists.

I'm glad Target brought him to my attention, otherwise I wouldn't know that he was one of the great novelists of the 19th century.

P.S. There's another movie adaptation of Anna Karenina coming out in a few months. Don't anybody tell me how it ends; I want to be surprised.



9 thoughts on “Target Annoints Tolstoy as an “Emerging Author”

  1. As an ebook writer who is wondering where his readers went this month, I am encouraged by this report. Hopefully I will be recognized as an emerging author by Target sometime around 2204. Won’t do me much good but the readers will be happy.

  2. Personally, I wasn’t all that impressed by the russian dude.
    But the Austen chick a couple books to the left? Way underappreciated! I think she has a great future once word gets out about her…

  3. In the photo I also see another Emerging Author named Jane Austen. Sigh. Couldn’t her editor have helped this wannabe to devise a catchier pen name? Maybe something like “J.R.R. Austen”? Or perhaps “Austen Awesome”?

    You know, something that stands out from the crowd. ;)

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