Yotaphone Dual-Screen Android Smartphone Unveiled Today

phone3At first glance the title of this post probably made you think George Lucas had sunk to a new low, but don't worry. This is not the Star Wars phone you were looking for,

Remember that dual screen smartphone which E-ink teased us with at IFA Berlin? Today we found out who the hardware partner is.

Yota Device, the parent company of the Russian telecom, has just unveiled the world's first dual screen, dual sided Android smartphone. They're calling it the Yotaphone, and while we don't know yet which networks are going to offer the phone, but I have been told that the first prototypes have only recently been forwarded to operators in Europe, Asia, and North America, in anticipation of deployments scheduled for the third quarter of this year.


The Yotaphone has a pair of 4.3" screens. I don't yet know the resolution of the E-ink screen, but the LCD screen has a relatively decent resolution of 1280x720. (I would describe that as high, but when compared to the latest smartphones it is about average.) This phone is running Android 4.2 on a Qualcomm 1.5GHz Snapdragon Krait dual-core CPU. It's expected to ship with 32GB or 64GB of Flash storage, a 12MP camera, and LTE connectivity.

Yota has reportedly been working on the phone for the past couple years, and they've come up with a couple ways to make use of the E-ink screen as a second passive display (and as an ereader, too). For example, you can shunt content like a boarding pass or other info to the E-ink screen and then keep using the LCD screen to get more work done, play game, etc.

There's no word yet on retail price, but Yota has said that they plan to show off the phone at CES next month and at MWC in Barcelona in March.

Update: Russian sources are reporting that the retail is be around 20,000 rubles, or about $653 USD. Thanks, igorsk!



5 thoughts on “Yotaphone Dual-Screen Android Smartphone Unveiled Today

  1. Amazon owns a patent for a two sided, dual screen, e-ink and lcd device. Next generation screen technology should make this offering obsolescent in a year or two. I’m hoping for a sort of color e-ink device that carries a front lighting technology, like the Glowlight or the Paperwhite. That would be super power efficient.

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