Getting Started with Android – a Roundup

6598576457_8234fc4768[1]I see that I have a lot of new readers today, and a heck of a lot are coming here to get the instructions on how to get Android Market on a budget tablet. I'm betting you could benefit from the several getting started guides which I've written for past holiday seasons.

A few of the guides are a tad old, but to be honest some of the tablets which were bought this holiday season are even older.

I also wrote a couple posts on getting started with a Kindle Fire HD, and I'm sure they will be useful.

Getting Start With an Android Tablet

  • This was written for the really basic Android tablets which shipped in 2010; many lacked basic apps like a file manager.

How to Read a PDF on Android

  • Back in 2010 something as basic as finding a PDF app for an Android tablet was not easy, so I put this post together to help point people in the right direction.

Tablet Gift Guide - 2011 Edition

  • This post was written based on a tablet I gave away for Christmas 2011. It's more focused on what I did before giving away the tablet, but it should still be useful for a new tablet owner.

These next 2 posts cover the steps I took to turn the KFHD from Amazon's media tablet into a more useful Android tablet. Thanks to the Google apps, this is now one of the tablets I keep on my desk as a work tool.


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