Lulu Drops DRM

4254099567_2ac8108be3[1]It could be said that DRM came about due to a fear of what customers might do if they're not on a leash, and today Lulu has overcome that fear. They've just announced that they're dropping support for Adobe DE DRM.

Effective January 15, 2013, Lulu will no longer offer Adobe’s Digital Editions DRM as an option when publishing or revising eBook content in EPUB and PDF formats. DRM works best when administered by those who control how content is purchased and viewed.

Lulu is joining a growing group of small publishers and independent distributors, including Smashwords, O'Reilly, Baen Books, who are realizing that DRM on ebooks might hurt more than it helps. It puts an onerous burden on legitimate customers and helps to balkanize the market by making it more difficult to buy content.

This move will remove the need to maintain the necessary Adobe account, a requirement that was a hassle for paying customers but little more than a stumbling block for pirates. It's also going to save Lulu money because they will no longer be paying the Adobe tax.

Note that this will only affect the Epub and PDF ebooks sold by Lulu; it will not affect thee ebooks distributed via Lulu to other ebookstores like Kindle, Nook, and iBooks.

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