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PlasticLogic Shows Off a Dual Screen eReader at CES 2013

plasticlogic dual screen ereader 2PlasticLogic may have overstated the involvement they had with the PaperTab flexible tablet, but they did have a couple interesting gadgets of their own to show off. In addition to the lighted PL screen we've seen before and a watch, there was also a dual screen ereader concept. It's tied to a cable and can't do more than play a slideshow of page images, but thanks to PlasticLogic's screen tech it is also quite thin.

The 2 screen panels are each one of PlasticLogic's 10.7" screens, and they are connected via a double hinge in the spine. The pages could be changed together or separately.

Update: PlasticLogic posted a demo video on Youtube:

I had shot a video showing this ereader in action but unfortunately my camera seems to have eaten it.  I'm kicking myself right now because it was a very cool sight to see.

I've always been a fan of really large screen ereaders, though I don't think I've ever seen one on the market. I've always wanted to see an epaper alternative to displaying large-scale documents like blueprints, diagrams, or posters.

Sure, there are things like Microsoft's Surface Table, but staring into a bright light like that is not good on the eyes - not on that scale.


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5 Comments on PlasticLogic Shows Off a Dual Screen eReader at CES 2013

  1. >>>staring into a bright light like that is not good on the eyes – not on that scale.

    Dealing with screen lag at that scale is even worse.

  2. PlasticLogic has NEVER PRODUCED A SINGLE PRODUCT, for more than 10 years!

    Unbelievable but true, this company has been teasing us for its entire existence. Should enter the Guiness Book for record on VAPORWARE!

  3. So very true Laure. I don’t see how a company just stays in business only showing “products about to revolutionize the ereader world” year after year after year. My high school girlfriend didn’t tease me this much.

  4. Soooo true! 2 entire years before the iPad came out plastic logic kept just with propaganda. And even after killing the QUEreader without ever shipping a single unit there are no references for ANY product using Plasticlogic technology.

    If I was an investor, I would seriously question the capability of plasticlogic to actually deliver, considering past performance.

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