Amazon Shows Some Love for Older Kindles & Releases Update for the Kindle Touch

KW-slate-05-lg._V166788135_[1]When Amazon released the new Kindle Touch and called it the Paperwhite I like many assumed that they would drop support for last year's model. Boy was I wrong. Amazon has released a new update for the Kindle Touch which gives it some of the software features that it lacked and the Paperwhite had. There's nothing Amazon can do to update the screen resolution or give the KT a frontlight, but the the 5.3.2 update does add a number of nice features:

  • A new user interface
  • Whispersync for Voice
  • Enhanced Parental Controls
  • Book Covers
  • Time-to-Read
  • Recommended Content
  • Enhanced book samples
  • Navigate graphic novels, and comics

Some features notably missing from this list include language support. In particular, the Kindle Paperwhite has enhanced support for Chinese and Japanese. It's not clear why Amazon left some features out of the update, but on the upside the KT is getting features which will extend the lifetime of the gadget.

It might not be available anymore in most markets but clearly the Kindle Touch has not been forgotten by Amazon.
You can dowbnnload the update from the Amazon website.



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15 Comments on Amazon Shows Some Love for Older Kindles & Releases Update for the Kindle Touch

  1. I wonder if the Kindle Keyboard will get this upgrade as well. I hope it does.

    • The K3 would take more work to update because the Kindle Touch is using pretty much the same software as the KPW.

      But I am still half expecting to see another update for the K3. It’s already gotten an update which added support for KF8 and other features so another update is not out of the question.

      • K3 is probably the single largest block of the Kindle installed base, no?
        So keeping it current is the fastest way of proliferating (revenue-generating) features such as Immersive Reading and Whispersync for Voice. 🙂

  2. What a stunning contrast to Apple’s ongoing programs of planned obsolescence!

    • That makes no sense at all.

      • Especially since Apple discontinued the older devices long before they stopped supporting them with updates.

      • Mac Mini 2005 purchased for my wife. Obsolete in 15 months. Oh, it still works. You just can’t find anything to run on it.

        Original iPad: obsolete in 2 years. Oh, it still works. Just read the fine print before downloading any new app, because you can’t upgrade to iOS6.

        “To Apple: Thanks for making my ‘new iPad’ obsolete” –

        “Vintage and obsolete products” –

        I can (in fact, am) running Windows XP on my Mac in a VM. At the same time XP was released, fall 2001, OX 10.1 ‘Puma’ was released. Do you think Puma will run on my new Intel Mac Mini? (I’ll give you a clue: of course not.)

    • “What a stunning contrast to Apple’s ongoing programs of planned obsolescence!”

      What nonsense. I was still using my iPhone 3G until Xmas and my son is using it now. I am still using my iMac that I bought before Xmas 2007, with Lion.

      Apple is one of the best companies for longevity.

  3. But the K3 did get an update with whispersync for voice; time to read may be the only feature they can put on it.

    • I don’t see why they couldn’t also add the changes to the home screen as well. It would be nice to browse using covers instead of the standard list.

  4. And yet they already stopped supporting their old flagship device from just a year ago (the old KF).

    Funny how you never mention that, Nate.

  5. I’ve lost any hope for any future updates of my Kindle DX quite some time ago, while it was still on warranty…

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