The Morning Coffee – 11 January 2012

Here are a few stories to read this morning.

  • Does Publishing Have Ketchup On Its Hands? (Brave New World)
  • McDonald’s UK to Distribute 15 Million Books (GalleyCat)
  • Nate the Great Titles to Be Released as E-books (PW)
  • Paragraph launches an aggregated lit mag for the iPad age (paidContent)
  • Thai e-publishing firm Ookbee continues regional expansion with Singapore Press Holdings deal (TNW)
  • Why Winning A $7,000 Piracy Lawsuit Could Be The Worst News Ever For Book Publishers (RWW)

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2 Comments on The Morning Coffee – 11 January 2012

  1. I see handwringing over the “obsessity epidemic” has hit the UK.
    They may have their causality reversed, though.
    One could argue that Mickey-Dee’s is giving out kids books vouchers to people who were going to buy their food anyway to induce them to get their kids books to read rather than forcing people to buy their food to get the discounts. And that the set of people who feed their kids junk food is waaayyyy bigger than the set people who think kids reading is good. So the linkup helps the publishers more than the burger pimps.

    And, to be honest, aren’t book discounts a better Happy Meal bonus than plastic Transformer toys that “train” kids to watch Michael Bay lightshows?
    Supplicants can’t be picky who pimps for them so publishers don’t really have much of a choice if they want the attention of the next generation of doughboys.

    Those folks should get back on their scrawny nags and go tilt at a different windmill. After putting their “squire” on a diet. (jeeze.)

    Bunch of Crazy Eddies.

  2. I saw the Nate the Great headline and thought it was books by or about YOU!

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