Kindle Paperwhite Updated to 5.3.3

Kindle-Paperwhite-product-image-7[1]There's a new firmware update available today for Amazon's second-gen touchscreen ereader. Unfortunately I cannot tell you what is in it because Amazon has not posted any info.

All i know at this point is that it is a full OS update, not a patch, and that it is 160MB in size.  If anyone has any info on what features this update adds please leave a comment.

Until then I will watch the support forums and see what the early adopters say.


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4 Comments on Kindle Paperwhite Updated to 5.3.3

  1. I don’t know about the Paperwhite, but I just downloaded the Kindle Touch update (and paperwhite is basically in the same class). More fonts and layout controls, bigger buttons, much better (and more responsive) interface and a quick way to switch between ebooks on the cloud and ebooks on the device.

    • That’s quite different. The Touch update was essentially updating the Touch UI to the UI that was already available on the Paperwhite (as of its then-current update, 5.3.1).

      This will be an incremental update, a bunch of bugfixes — and of course another round of Java-layer obfuscation to make hacking the Kindle pointlessly hard for the people over at

      (I just wish Amazon would provide hyphenation…)

  2. Unfortunately, this update closes the hole that permitted users to easily add their own fonts to the Kindle Paperwhite. This USE_ALT_FONTS method even unlocked all of the foreign language fonts (a variety of serifs and sans bolds) that are hidden on you device, but now they are gone. I was just getting used to reading with Verdana and Georgia on my Paperwhite. Sad day.

    • can’t be true mine custom fonts are still working after this upgrade?did you added fonts before or after upgrade ? I added after upgrade.

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