Kindle 4 Firmware Update Adds ???

TequilaSauza_feat[1]Don't look now but Amazon has just released a new update for the 14 month old Kindle 4 ereader.

They haven't released any details on what this update does, but the file size for the update is about 10MB. That suggests that this is no more than a minor patch for the OS running on the Kindle 4 and not an update which will introduce a new feature.

I've installed the update and I don't see any changes.

Update: One reader pointed me to the explanation on This update adds a "Read for Free" feature for Waterstones, Amazon's UK partner. at least, the UK version of the update does this; it's not clear that the update I installed has the same option.

(Thanks, Mathieu!)


2 thoughts on “Kindle 4 Firmware Update Adds ???

  1. There is time when I add a bug when reading, changing pages with the button and it freeze and I had to do a hard restart of the Kindle, and it messed the order of my organized directory.

    Maybe the update help.

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