Cleaning Your Tablet’s Screen by Hand is sooo 2012

Here's an early contender for the most ridiculous, useless, and desirable gadget of 2013. 1[1]The Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy has gone looking for problems that didn't need to be solved. Their answer is the Auto Mee S, a palm-sized robot designed for cleaning smartphone and tablet screens.

The Auto Mee S is equipped with 3 wheels, 2 cleaning disks, and sensors that enable it to detect and avoid the edge of the tablet/smartphone. It's powered by a AA battery and it will take 4 minutes to clean the fingerprints and dust off of a smartphone or 8 minutes to clean a tablet.

This robot serves no practical purpose; you could wipe the screen yourself in only a few seconds. But I have to say that I just love to see engineers designing gadgets just because they want one or because it looks cool. In fact, I would bet that the idea was originally conceived while the engineers were drunk and watching a roomba clean the carpet. "Hey, let's make one of those for your tablet!"

According to Takara Tomy, this toy will hit the Japanese market in March 2013 with a retail of 1,575 yen, or about $17 USD.

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  1. I foresee the first AutoMee Ping Pong Football Tournament coming soon to an electrical engineering faculty near you.

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