Ablutologophiliacs, Take Heart: A New Innovation in Nanotechnology Raises Hopes of a Bathtub Safe eReader

ultra ever dryI've never been one to sit in the bath and read, but I do know a couple people who enjoy the activity. Some even have ereaders, and they usually have to take precautions like getting a waterproof case, putting the ereader on a leash (so it can't fall into the water), or even something as simple as putting the ereader into a ziploc bag.I was thinking of those ablutologophiliacs when I saw this demo video earlier today. It's for a new waterproofing chemical called Ultra Ever Dry, and it takes the waterproofing ability of WD-40 to a whole new level.

As you can see in the demo video, Ultra Ever Dry works to prevent not just water from soaking into a treated surface. It apparently works on pretty much every liquid or near-liquid substance and in effect goes beyond being non-stick to  create a near-frictionless surface.

Unfortunately it only works on liquids, so you can't spray the bottom of your shoes and slide around. The coating on a treated surface can also be scuffed or otherwise scraped away. This chemical also requires some serious safety equipment while being applied. You're not even supposed to get the uncured Ultra Ever Dry on your skin, and that's probably going to limit its uses almost as much as the high prices ($160 for a qt of top coat and bottom coat).

Still, I'd like to coat my car with this stuff. And I would, if not for the fact that it's only available as a milky white. There's no formulation of Ultra Ever Dry that dries clear, so you kinda can't put it on a window or anything you need to see through. And yes, that does kill any chance of using it on an ereader or tablet, alas, unless you want to read the screen through a white film.

But who knows, maybe the engineers who developed it are working on a clear option. It would certainly have market appeal. I would love to spray this on a tablet and them use Takara Tomy's screen cleaning robot to get rid of fingerprints and smudges (I am a firm believer in over-engineering a solution to nonexistent problems).


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  1. According to their website, EverDry also prevents ice formation. I would love to put it on my driveway and sidewalk — maybe I wouldn’t have to shovel snow again :).

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