The Morning Coffee – 13 February 2013

8376981950_e058d98ff0_b[1]Here are a few stories to read this morning.

  • Did Amazon Change Algorithms to Protect Their Readers?: The Ten Thousand Gatekeepers of KDP Select (Failure Ahoy!)
  • Former Copyright Registers: We Must Limit Fair Use At Public Universities, For The Poor Publishers Who Are Paying Us (Techdirt)
  • Is “Discoverability” Even A Problem? (brett sandusky)
  • Love in Amish Country (Paris Review)
  • 'Naked Girls Reading' Fall Foul of D.C. Licensing Laws (LitReactor)
  • Pulse News Reader Dips Its Toes Into Social With New “Highlights” Feature (TechCrunch)
  • Teachers might hate him, but advertisers think he's got a good face (MobyLives)
  • Why Japanese readers don't like e-books (Fortune Tech)
  • Who’s going to capture the social news reader market? Thirst throws its hat in the ring (GigaOm)

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