B&N’s New Nook Audio Bluetooth Speaker Clears the FCC

nook audio bluetooth speakerWhen B&N launched the Nook HD tablet last fall it seemed pretty obvious that it would eventually get its own Bluetooth accessories. The first one cleared the FCC today.

The BT500 Bluetooth speaker looks to be exactly what the name says, a Bluetooth speaker. Like the many, many, many other similar speakers on the market,  the BT500 will connect with the Nook HD and Nook HD+ so you can stream music and not be stuck with the small speakers on the Nook HD+.

It should also work with almost any compatible BT-equipped smartphone, tablet, or other portable electronic device. There's no word yet on when it will be released or how much it will cost, but it is already listed on the B&N website.

This is Barnes & Noble's second Nook-branded audio accessory. The first was a set of $30 $50 headphones, which should tell you something about B&N's ability to develop hardware.


14 thoughts on “B&N’s New Nook Audio Bluetooth Speaker Clears the FCC

  1. How the hell can it work with an HD+? There’s NO Bluetooth listed in its specs! And XDAers who have managed to awaken the dormant BT chip report the range is crap! And it doesn’t always pair.

    1. Wrong…. The HD and HD+ have Blue Tooth and the range is comparable to any other BT device.

      Y0u’re thinking of the Nook Color – which had a BT chip, but it was not enable…

      1. He is right that bluetooth is not mentioned in the specs on Barnes and Nobles website. However, I don´t see it listed in the HD specs either.

  2. Minor note, those over ear headphones that BN produced were $30 at retail, not $50.

    Also, the HD series NOOK devices do have Bluetooth chips and pair quite nicely with my BT keyboard.

  3. >>>The HD and HD+ have Blue Tooth and the range is comparable to any other BT device.

    Balls. If there’s BT, why doesn’t B&N list it? And reports from XDA say the range on the BT chip they’ve awakened (ala the one in a previous Nook) is abysmal and not worth waking up.

  4. Here’s the spec comparison on the BN webpage that lists Bluetooth compatibility:

    Here’s a picture of my NOOK HD+’s Bluetooth settings, with the device happily pairing with my iMac and my BT Keyboard:

    The NOOK HD series devices have Bluetooth chips with a radio. They are fully BT standards compliant, and work quite nicely with a good Zagg keyboard. Please Mike, you’re making yourself look ignorant.

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