10 thoughts on “Infographic: Books vs eBooks

  1. Pretty good but she forgot an important advantage of e readers. Carrying your library with you- A small moving van vs simply having the device on you. Not to mention a back up of your library on an SD card or your computer (or in the “cloud” for you gambling types).

  2. The ereader is much better on an airplane for the same reason. You can have hundreds of books available to suit your mood, compared to having just a couple jammed into your carryon.

    Yes, you do have to turn it off during takeoff and landing, but for me having a wide selection available is plenty of compensation — not to mention having all those books available when you get to your destination.

  3. There is movement afoot to make the FFA see sense about turning ereaders off during takeoff and landings. Plus, since you could end up sitting on the tarmac for hours at a stretch, being able to get more books trumps a brief off-time at either end of the flight (I don’t think it’s 20 minutes! More like 10).

    Absent an apocalypse that makes electricity unobtainable, I would give ereaders the edge.

  4. The only reason you “have” to turn off an ereader during TO&L on an airplane is because airline personnel are brain-dead – at best you might need to set airplane-mode on (aka turn any wireless equipment off). If the electronic noise from my Kindle (esp. sans-wifi) is enough to disrupt the plane’s navigation equipment, then we have much bigger problems… like my and every other passengers’ wrist-watch, the plane’s in-air entertainment system, etc. etc. That requirement is complete bollocks.

    So e-books are winning.

  5. I also like eBooks better because they are lighter and easier to hold. No book marks needed, and they always open to the right page.

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