Sol Computers Launches New 10″ Pixel Qi Monitor

sol computer pixel qi usb monitor 2It's been some time since I last had the chance to talk about a new product with a Pixel Qi screen, so I was very pleased when an email from Chris Swanner of Sol Computer arrived this afternoon. Feast your eyes on this beauty:

Sol Computer is now carrying a 10" USB-powered monitor that features a Pixel Qi screen. It's in stock and shipping right now, and a 7" model will be available shortly.

I will likely nver get my hands on one, but based on the product listing and the video I must say that the production value is a little low; there's no case shown. In fact all the images I have seen show what looks like a simple mount that was sticky glued to the back of the screen panel. But who cares; it works outside:

sol computer pixel qi usb monitor 1

The retail price is not listed, but I checked and one of these babies will set you back $800.

No, that's not a mistake. It really is that expensive, especially when compared to USB LCD monitors. You can pick up one of those on Amazon for under $100.  Heck you can even get a ViewSonic 22" Android tablet/SmartDisplay for half the price of the 10" Pixel Qi monitor above.

So why would anyone get this? Simple: because it works in direct sunlight.

Sure, there are a lot of tablets that work out side but few work well and even fewer work well in direct sunlight or brightly lit conditions. Pixel Qi is about your only option for long-term outside computing.

Sol Computer currently offers a number of different options, including tablets, a rugged netbook,  and the 10" USB monitor. The netbook runs Windows, and the tablets are offered in Windows and Android. Price range from "you don't want to know" to "you really don't want to know".

14 thoughts on “Sol Computers Launches New 10″ Pixel Qi Monitor

    1. The screen is expensive to make, yes, but the larger issue is that it is not made and distributed in production runs that are as large as your average CLD screen. That can run the cost up even more.

      1. The screen is expensive, 215 US$.
        So that means you’re paying the extra 585 US$ for the stand and the USB cable?
        And they didn’t even bother to put a decent frame around the display…
        This is definitely a rip-off.

        I got my PixelQi display from Makershed and put it in a netbook 2 years ago, it’s been running smoothly ever since.

  1. Asus’ CEO reveals he wants to be tops in notebook and at least second in tablets. Until Asus or some company at that level adopts this screen, it’s going nowhere.

    If B&N really wanted to go all-out wild, they’d drop all other hardware and do a 6″ eInk and an 8″ Pixel Qi Android tablet. Fat chance. But they’d have something no one else has then.

  2. I actually like the idea of the Pixel Qi display and have an early model of it.. in a Notion Ink Adam… This is at least 2-3 generations from that screen… The earlier screens had muddy unsaturated color and horrible uneven blacks when the backlight was enabled.. I was hoping to see this evolve into an affordable option for ereaders, netbooks, and laptops.. But its really only in the ruggedized/vertical market at this point except for the OLPC….

  3. I have no word to say how I feel about the crazy price! The main screen is 215$ Just buy a compatible notebook like an old samsung and you are better than this crap. It’s 10″ remember, that’s screen ain’t cool for doing creative stuff or being hours behind.
    Also you can buy the “40 pin LVDS VGA LCD Screen Controller Board Kit for 10.1″ 1024X600 B101AW06 V” to make a stand alone monitor.
    Ascent Rugged Mobile and SOL Com you should sell it no more than 400$, seriously…
    Why the HELL Pixel QI doesn’t sell a monitor!!!!! Most of us don’t care if its bad comparef to hi class LCD. Shut up and take my money :D

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