B&N Launches Free App Fridays – First Free App is OfficeSuite Professional 7

2940043856395_p1_v8_s600[1]Barnes & Noble has long had a limited app store for their Nook media devices, but so far as I know they have never done much to promote it. That changed today.

B&N has just announced that they will be adding a Free App to their Nook Free Friday promotions. Each week B&N will give away a different paid app from the Nook App Store.

Today's free app is OfficeSuite Professional 7. It is the full version of the app and normally retails for $15.

Nook App Store

4 thoughts on “B&N Launches Free App Fridays – First Free App is OfficeSuite Professional 7

  1. The promotion is US only and doesn’t work in the UK. The UK app store is even more restricted than the US one. Also, strangely, when I purchase an item, I get an automated confirmation response of the item’s price in dollars. There are all sorts of glitches in the UK released Nook e.g. local US newspapers are listed but when you click on them, they are not available. Regarding newspapers and magazines, the US store has richer content (e.g. we don’t get National Geographic). Though, to B & N credit, they are regularly adding content to the store. Overall, the Nook HD & HD+ are built on solid and impressive hardware (especially the excellent display) but let down with the buggy software and restricted content. The only aspect that matches and sometimes exceeds Amazon, is the book store – it’s better than Google too.

  2. According to my B & N morning newsletter, this app will be free through Sunday, so there is still time to get it.

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