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Ectaco Jetbook Color 2 is On Sale This Weekend – $30 Off

Got $470 to throw away? slide-jetbook-color[1] Ectaco's 9.7" ereader, the Jetbook Color 2, is on sale this weekend. This is the one and only ereader on the market that has a color E-ink screen, and if you act fast you can buy it from the Ectaco US website and save $30 as well as the shipping cost. 

I'm not sure I would recommend this ereader to anyone (I think the iPad is a better value), but to each his own. I'll be honest and say that the reason it keeps my attention is the screen.

This ereader debuted in December 2012. It's the second gen model, and it improves upon the original Jetbook Color by replacing the disappointing screen with the newer Triton 2 display. This new display improves on the contrast, and it also has a new color filter that reported offers sharper colors than on the earlier Triton screen.

The Jetbook Color 2 also has a Wacom touchscreen, Wifi, and a suite of educational software. For more details, check out the Ectaco website.

Jetbook Color 2

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5 Comments on Ectaco Jetbook Color 2 is On Sale This Weekend – $30 Off

  1. $500 – not all that bad.
    What display substrate does it use – glass or plastic?

    If plastic or metal – may have an use in education, otherwise do not see much use.
    It would have really short lifespan in child’s hands :(

  2. The concept is very good but the first model was too slow and too dark background. Amazon hopefully decide to do something similar but with a screen Liquavista… no new news on this?

  3. If I’m going to spend that kind of money, I’ll just get an iPad.

  4. I want one sooo bad for my kids to put their textbooks on. A tablet would be easier, but it would also come with instant access to YouTube and video games. How much math would they get done if math has to compete with Angry Birds? Not much. Really I want a 8.5X11 in color screen that is unbreakable. Whatever happened to the Plastic Logic e-reader?

  5. I go my JetBook Color 2 today. A really nice piece of hardware. It would be great for learning for kids but it’s a little bit pricy.

    I don’t regret buying it and would buy a JetBook Color 2 instead of an iPad anytime but if you’re primarily into games it will be the device you have to go. 😉

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