Noisy Typer Adds the Sound of a Manual Typewriter to Your Laptop (video)

noisy typerHere's something guaranteed to drive your nearby coworkers up the wall.

Artist and designer Theo Watson has developed a new app that fixes the one least annoying feature of a laptop: it's not noisy enough. Specifically, he's written a free app that makes typing on your laptop sound like an old time typewriter.

Check it out:

This only works on OSX at the moment, and unfortunately there's no sign that the developer plans to develop a version of the app for Windows. On the other hand that is probably a good thing. These sound effects are annoying enough that they are liable to inspire a lynch mob.

Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.

I like to carry around a full-sized USB keyboard at conferences and I get dirty looks because it is not as quiet as the average laptop.  It's silly, I know, but that's what people are doing.

But at least I didn't suffer the fate of Skye Ferrante. This 39-year-old writer was kicked out of a coworking space in Greenwich Village in 2010 because he worked on a 1929 Royal typewriter:

The 37-year-old writer represented a bygone era, the last typewriter-user in a special room devoted to typists.

"In the event that there are no desks available, laptop users must make room for typists," read a sign posted in the "Typing Room" for years.

When Ferrante returned to the Writers Room in April after an eight-month break, the sign was gone and his noisy typewriter was no longer welcome.

"I was told I was the unintended beneficiary of a policy to placate the elderly members who have all since died off," said Ferrante, a Manhattan native who's writing children's books. "They offered me a choice to switch to a laptop or refund my money, which to me is no choice at all."



3 thoughts on “Noisy Typer Adds the Sound of a Manual Typewriter to Your Laptop (video)

  1. I trust it incorporates a webcam rear view app which allows the user to see co-workers approaching from behind to (rightfully and justifiably) garrote the user for being a complete and utter prat.

  2. Just buy a mechanical keyboard if you want to drive your surrounding nutty. At least there’s a justifiable reason for the clacking sound.

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