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Amazon Buys Book Blog “The Totally Hip Video Book Review” (video)

totally hip video book blogHere's some late breaking news this friday night. I've just read that one of The Washington Post's book blogs has been sold to Amazon. There's no information on why this deal was made or what the terms of sale were, but the blog in question has confirmed the news:

My favorite bit is the part where new editions of the book The 4-Hour Chef is bound in the hide of indie booksellers. The coda scene is also pretty clever.


5 Comments on Amazon Buys Book Blog “The Totally Hip Video Book Review” (video)

  1. Oh, that’s brilliant. He’s so funny!

  2. I have to agree. He won me over.


  3. First Good Reads, now this. Will tomorrow’s story be headlined: “Amazon Buys the New York Times Book Review”?

    The one thing that particularly disturbed me in the video was the image of a B&N store with the overlay to browse but don’t buy. Makes me wonder how objective any future book reviews will be or will he simply be a shill for whatever Amazon decides to shill.

  4. It’s a joke…

  5. It is my understanding that the purchase price was surprisigly low; on the order of a lifetime subscription to PRIME.
    Yet another example of a missed opportunity for the BPHs who just spent millions building Bookish while Amazon for a lot less just picked up a fully functional and very popular site.
    Will they ever learn?

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