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The Amazon-Goodreads Acquisition Killed an Apple Partnership

Goodreads The WSJ has learned that Goodreads had a deal in the works with Apple which was done in when Amazon bought Goodreads:’s announcement last month that it was purchasing book-recommendation site Goodreads did more than land the e-commerce giant a social-networking service. It also thwarted a possible partnership between the reading social network and Apple.

Over the past year, Apple and Goodreads had begun discussing integrating Goodreads’ service, which allows users to share and rate what they are reading, into Apple’s iBookstore, which sells digital books, according to people familiar with the matter.

I wouldn't be surprised if this were true. In fact, I would only be surprised of  the Amazon-Goodreads acquisition only derailed a single deal. These kind of deals can take months or years to negotiate, so I would expect that when Amazon bought Goodreads a few weeks back it caused quite a disruption.

And not just because Goodreads walked away, either. There could have been deals that fell through because the other party didn't want to do business with Amazon.

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  1. One thing I found odd was the estimated price Amazon is supposed to have paid (in the $100m range?).
    But if apple was involved…
    …maybe there was a bidding war/private auction?

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