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B&N Puts the Nook HD+ on Sale for $149

nook hd theresa horner personalIf you happen to live in NY, Ill., or MA then I am very jealous right now because you have a chance to buy a Nook HD+ for $149. It's been reported over at MobileRead (and confirmed by a B&N source) that Barnes & Noble is running a special promotion at the moment. A select handful of test stores in NY, MA, and Ill. are currently selling the Nook HD+ for $149, a significant discount from $the usual retail price of $269.

This offer is not available online, and I don't have a list of the stores involved. But I have been told that the offer is good through 30 April, and my source has also told me that in at least one store nearly as many of the media devices have been sold to employees as were sold to the general public.

Update: I now have confirmation that this deal is offered in at least one store in Illinois, with 30 stores across the country participating in the trial.

The Nook HD+ is a 9" media tablet that launched last Fall to good reviews but has had minimal success in the market. It has gone on sale repeatedly in the past 7 months, including a BOGO sale that added a free Nook Touch.

So, B&N is running another special. I wonder what they want to achieve?

With most sale offers it's clear that B&N is trying to move stock, but with the unannounced promotion I am not sure what B&N wants to achieve. This does not strike me as a serious attempt to find a new price point; the price is far too low.  Perhaps this is a controlled torrent of a sale in an effort to reduce stock.

I don't know. Any guesses?

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27 Comments on B&N Puts the Nook HD+ on Sale for $149

  1. Ugh, why can’t this be in Texas?

  2. Biggest problem for a tablet of that size, is the lack of camera.

  3. If they really wanted to clear inventory it would be far more widespread (a week, even at that price, they might move a few thousand if it’s confined to less than a dozen stores).

    This definitely smacks of a market research test – seeing how price correlates to sales to figure out where the sweet point is to launch future products.

  4. They are also running a special whereby members receive a coupon for $90 off the HD+ or the HD. With the coupon, you can buy the HD for $149 and the HD+ for $179 through May 12th at any store or online.

  5. Nate, my local B&N (in Illinois) is running the deal through the middle of next week. It’s posted by the cash registers, not by the Nook displays–although I’m sure that if a customer walks up to the tablets, a salesperson will tell them about the deal.

  6. Which store in Illinois has this deal ?

  7. I was told that the Dearborn store was selling at this price.

  8. this is the store. I just called them and ordered over the phone tax and shipping was only $162.78

  9. Patrick Watson // 26 April, 2013 at 3:54 pm //

    Thanks to the pointer from Shelia, I was able to have one shipped to me as well!!

  10. You dont even have to walk into the store. Just call the store I listed and have them ship it to you.

  11. I just called the store and they say they’re not shipping.

  12. Well they already debited my account so they better be shipping mine…

  13. Sturmund Drang // 27 April, 2013 at 8:42 pm //

    Yesterday, through Best Buy, they were selling the Simple Touch with Glo for 80$. It was a one day only sale, so you may be right about the market test. .

    Still it’s fun to postulate that the Microsoft giant has finally awakened from it’s stupor and combined with B&N, marketing thier new seven inch RT tablet as the Nook successor with App Store c/o Barnes and Noble in a vain attempt to take on Amazon/Google/Apple. Yeah, right.

  14. Rogue Haggis // 28 April, 2013 at 8:43 am //

    Yesterday I walked in to the B&N on North State in Chicago and bought an HD+. A couple of notes:

    The 32 GB HD+ is also on sale for $120 off, so for $179.

    The woman I spoke with said that the sale runs through April 30th. (She also really likes the device, beyond just selling it. It was nice to speak to a salesperson who appreciates the product she’s pushing.) They were pushing the Nooks very aggressively. Someone standing by the door mentioned the sale to everyone who came in, and they announced it over the PA a couple of times while I was there.

    My pet theory is that B&N is thinking deeply about how much it wants to stay in the hardware game, at least how much it wants to keep selling Nooks in the stores, and this sale is an experiment to help make those decisions. They’re selling a well-reviewed product that’s not at the end of its life for a lot less than any comparable product. So these are ideal conditions for moving units. My guess is that if they don’t sell a certain number of these Nooks then they’re going to take it as a piece of evidence that they aren’t going to be able to sell a lot of tablets in stores under any conditions.

  15. I just spoke to Emily (sales associate) and was assured that they are shipping. As I said before the funds were debited from my account already. I will let you know when I get the tracking number. That’s supposed to happen sometime tomorrow since I ordered friday after they had shipped for the day.

  16. I can’t wait to call my local store to see if they are on sale!

  17. I tried all of NJ and New York, NY without success. I finnaly found one in upstate NY but was unwilling to ship (too far away to drive too). So I finnaly called State and Elm in Chicago, IL (thanks Shelia) and they shipped it no problem. High sales tax (10%) but still cheaper then online.

  18. Always happy to help out a fellow Nook Nerd : )

  19. Maybe when B&N sees all those units shipping out of Chicago it will get them to make this sale nation wide. If it were local I’d jump on it.

  20. Any chance you could let me know which B&N in Upstate NY?

  21. This is marketing reserach. You can purchase them from the store in Amherst, NY. They will ship to you if you purchase over the phone.

  22. The store in Amherst, NY will ship. Phone number: 716-837-7209

  23. Karpomatic // 3 May, 2013 at 8:54 am //

    I bought a 2 week old 32gig HD+ for $100 from Craigslist. I don’t need this sale.

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